Spreadsheet Freestyle: A Rap About CPA Review


Every day, we’re inspired by the will and determination of our students who strive to pass the exam and become CPAs. Especially when they document their journey in a freestyle rap. We’d like to thank our student, Ringo M., for allowing us to share his fun and creative testimonial! Check out his verses below! 

Spreadsheet Freestyle

Rogers CPA Rogers Phillips
CPA exams knowledge buildup 
Remote courses four exams
Coffee ready midnight cram
Debit License, Credit Cash
LIFO the party, study bash

Review courses many versions
Audit exam these Assertions
Rogers Review compilation
easy $1800 Valuation
Access Cutoff for subscription 
One year Rights and Obligation
Not a PP&E Classification
Study expense no MACRS Depreciation

Study space crucial, Control Environment
Risk Assessment of learning impediments
When the homies text you to party and roll
self control is the real Internal Control

Say bye to bae
cause you won’t miss her
Textbooks thick like Walmart’s listserve
MC Questions for happy hour
Funny lectures like whiskey sours

Check out Roger’s and don’t delay
Four exams on your resume
watch me whip, watch me grind away
Watch me nae-nae when I’m CPA

–Ringo M., Roger CPA Review student 

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