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February 2016 Student of the Month: Jason Zeller

Our Student of the Month for February 2016 is Jason Zeller! Jason passed all four parts of the CPA Exam using Roger CPA Review and recently received his CPA license from the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. Congratulations to Jason on his new CPA designation!

Student:  Jason Zeller

Exam Sections Passed:  AUD, BEC, FAR, REG

University/College:  Texas A&M University

Why did you take Roger CPA Review?

I took the Roger CPA Review as I really enjoyed the lecture style. I found the lectures engaging and it was also able to keep my attention and focus.

How did you hear about our review course?

My wife was looking on social media and saw a small clip from one of the lectures posted on the site. I watched the clip and liked what I saw. I researched the course in more detail and decided this was a great course and would help me successfully pass the Uniform CPA Examination.

What was your favorite aspect of the course?

I enjoyed all aspects of the course. I liked the course materials that complemented the online lectures. I also liked all of the online practice questions as I felt this was a great way to test knowledge and it was comparable to the actual exam.

How has passing the exam affected your personal and professional life?

Passing the CPA exam has been a huge lift in my family from a time perspective. My family was very supportive of the time commitments required to pass the exam. As for my professional life, I am confident new opportunities are on the horizon as the CPA license will open doors that would not have been available previously.

What piece of advice do you have for other CPA Exam candidates?

The CPA exam requires dedication. Roger mentions the exam isn’t an IQ test and I agree. I used one of the Roger Study Planners and was able to stick with a schedule which kept me focused and on track. You must dedicate the time and effort to pass.

Anything else you would like to share?

The year 2015 was extremely challenging. I was part of a lay off from my employer in April 2015 due to the downturn in the Oil & Gas industry. I then lost my father-in-law to cancer at the end of May. Needless to say, 2015 wasn’t off to a good start. However, with the support of my wife and kids, I decided to purchase the Roger CPA course and began studying for the exam. I had not taken all 4 parts of the exam since November 2000. A lot of things have changed in that time. I started studying in early July 2015 and completed the last section in late November 2015. I am now a fully licensed CPA.

I am a huge supporter of the Roger CPA Review course and truly believe that with the dedication and time spent studying passing the CPA exam is achievable for those with the desire to be a Certified Public Accountant.

Favorite quote?

“If you study, you will pass.” I am a true believer in this quote. I graduated from University over 18 years ago and had not taken the exam in 15 years. However, I was able to use the materials and pass all four parts consecutively.

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