January 2015 Student of the Month: Wesley Pryor

Our Student of the Month for January 2015 goes to Wesley Pryor! Wesley used Roger CPA Review’s Cram Course to pass REG after only 4 1/2 days of studying. Congratulations to Wesley on his great accomplishment!

Student:  Wesley Pryor

Exam Sections Passed:  AUD, BEC, FAR, REG

Current Firm:  PwC

University/College:  Florida Atlantic University

Why did you take Roger CPA Review?

I needed something that could help me get the job done, and get it done quickly. I took BEC and AUD during grad school, but once I began working, it was a whole different ball game to finish the last two.

With AUD expiring in January and busy season about to ramp up, I had no choice but to cram FAR and REG into one testing window. I scheduled FAR for November 20th and REG for the 26th. With a seemingly impossible timeline, I knew I needed something that would keep me engaged and skip through all the highlighting and monotone dialogue that instantly puts me to sleep.

How did you hear about our review course?

Another71 review forums and Google search.

What was your favorite aspect of the course?

Roger is my favorite part of the course. I have had many teachers, but it takes a very, very good one to keep me engaged. Roger’s energy, humor and fast pace was perfect for my learning style and kept my attention the whole time. I felt like I was actually learning by watching the videos, rather than just highlighting my book to the commands of some invisible person behind the screen.

How has passing the exam affected your personal and professional life?

The nightmare that has been haunting me for over a year has finally ended and my real life can begin. There was no better feeling in the world than opening up that final score to see that it was all finally over!

What piece of advice do you have for other CPA Exam candidates?

Download an application on your computer that blocks websites for whatever time you choose and each study day, set the timer for 12 hours. Block everything on the internet except your CPA review materials.

Even Google.

Delete every distracting application on your phone and turn off all notifications, even the visible ones that show you have an incoming call or text messages waiting to be opened.

Tell all of your friends, family and co-workers that you will be completely unavailable during your study times.

Buy enough food that will last you the entire time that is easy or already prepared to eat.

Stock up on copious amounts of coffee.

Literally shut yourself off from the world and live in front of your computer. Do all of these steps, along with using Roger CPA Review’s Cram Course, and you will pass the CPA Exam in a very short amount of time. I used this strategy to pass REG with 4.5 days of studying. “If you study, you will pass!”

Anything else you would like to share?

If you want someone to read a book to you slower than you can read it yourself, then maybe Roger isn’t for you. But if you are anything like me and just want to get into the material, learn your stuff and get out without wasting any time, then buy Roger CPA Review’s Cram Course and get it done!

Favorite quote?

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right. - Henry Ford

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