September 2017 Student of the Month: Rebecca Collins

Our September 2017 Student of the Month is Rebecca Collins! See what resources Rebecca found about our course most useful to help her pass the exam and what you can do to make sure you pass too.

Student:  Rebecca Collins

Exam Sections Passed:  AUD, BEC, FAR, REG

Current Firm:  Thomas Howell Ferguson P.A. CPAs

Why did you take Roger CPA Review?

Roger partnered with the University of San Francisco to offer the full CPA review course for a great price, and I liked how straightforward the material was. I didn’t want bells, whistles, and wild promises. I wanted a solid course that included practice materials.

How did you hear about our review course?

Through the University of San Francisco.

What was your favorite aspect of the course?

The thing I found most useful was the study planner. It’s actually very adaptable beyond the prescribed program. I used the 6-month plan, and built it into my study and work schedules. It kept the amount of information I needed to learn from becoming overwhelming. I used it like a checklist, and was able to plan studying for all four sections around two internships and full time graduate classes. Roger’s humor is also great – if you’re groaning at a bad joke he made, then you’ll definitely remember the material he made the joke about. It also feels like having a personal mentor rooting for you the whole time.

How has passing the exam affected your personal and professional life?

It’s a relief! Passing the exams has given me greater confidence in my ability as a student and a professional. I’m proud of it and proud of the amount of work I put into it.

What piece of advice do you have for other CPA Exam candidates?

Schedule time to relax! It’s good for your spirit when you give yourself permission not to even think about studying for a day. Every week or so, try a practice exam – even the parts you haven’t studied yet. You can actually see the progression of your practice scores that way. If you’re still in school, try to arrange your exams around the corresponding subjects. Your class and your CPA review will support each other’s material, and you double the power of your study efforts!

Anything else you would like to share?

Hard work was only one part of the formula – I couldn’t have done so well without the support of my friends, loved ones, teachers, and colleagues. It takes a village to make a CPA, and I’m going to be dedicated to paying it forward.

Favorite quote?

This may seem cheesy, but "If you study you will pass" got me through a lot of crises of confidence. I didn't start the review knowing what I needed to pass the exams, and sometimes I was afraid I never would know enough. But it's true - just keep studying, and at some point enough of it will stick!

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