Students from O-Hara College of Business in Japan Visit Roger CPA Review Headquarters

For over 10 years, O-HARA College of Business has been partnered with Roger CPA Review, offering their CPA Review course as part of their year-round accounting curriculum, preparing over 3000 Japanese students to take the US CPA Exam.

Last week, Roger CPA Review welcomed 15 Accounting students from the O-HARA College of Business in Japan to visit the firms headquarters for the second year in a row.

In conjunction with San Jose State University’s International Gateways Program, Roger CPA Review staff hosted this unique group, providing professional networking opportunities, exclusive CPA Exam review workshops with CEO and instructor, Roger Philipp CPA, CGMA, and even a day of fun at Californias Great America amusement park.

During their visit, students studied business English language skills, fine-tuned their resumes, studied for the US Uniform CPA Examination, visited a number of San Francisco Bay Area accounting firm offices (including Ernst and YoungFrank Rimmerman LLC, and Louie and Wong LLP, now merged with and under the name Squar Milner LLP), attended campus networking events, and explored unique Northern California locales.  Roger CPA Review, O-HARA College of Business, and SJSUs I-Gateways program are pleased to partner in this celebration of the truly global characters of the accounting industry.

It was so nice to visit with the O-HARA students while they visited San Francisco, said Roger Philipp, CPA and CEO of Roger CPA Review. Weve enjoyed our long-standing partnership with O-HARA, and the opportunity to help these students become CPAs.

For the past seven years, Roger Philipp has visited the O-HARA College of Business primarily in Osaka and Tokyo. His tours included guest lectures, classes pertaining to the CPA Exam, and motivational workshops to inspire these bright minds.

As the US CPA Exam becomes available internationally, Roger CPA Review continues to cater and provide international service. They are proud to be partnered in countries including Japan, and most Middle Eastern countries.

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