Study Tips to Get Back on Track!

Ahhh yes….the holidays have winded down, and many of you are getting back into study mode for the 2011 CPA exam. We know it’s hard to get back into the groove, so we’re giving you some SUPER study tips to get you back on track!

  • Plan ahead—-Start your application process as soon as you are eligible so there’s no wasted time. Make sure to check your states requirements 5-6 months before you sit for your first CPA Exam section.
  • Don’t burn yourself out–Studying is no good when you’re low on energy! Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and keeping up with good nutrition.
  • Use your free resources!–Google is your best friend–there are hundreds of helpful CPA Exam study resources, so make sure to utilize them.
  • Practice, practice, (did we say practice?)–Repeat homework problems over and over–this is the best way to determine which topics require more of your attention.
  • Use a CPA Review Exam–Find a course that fits your lifestyle, whether you prefer an in-class, online or portable study course. (Not to toot our own horn but….) Here at Roger CPA Review, we fully stand behind the best CPA Review in the industry!
  • Be confident–this carries over to every aspect in life, especially when preparing to take on something as important as the CPA Exam. Believe in yourself, you’ll be surprised at how far it can get you!

……Ready, Set…………STUDY! 🙂

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