Studying for the CPA Exam Using Micro-structured Lessons Means Success!


Before switching to Roger CPA Review, I unsuccessfully used another review provider. Needless to say, I didn’t pass the CPA Exam. I firmly believe that this is due to one significant reason – quantity of exam information presented per lesson. 

One of the major differences between Roger CPA Review and the other review providers is Rogers ability to fully explain everything you need to know about a chapter without exceeding 25 minutes per lesson.  If you’re anything like me, this is much more appealing than having to sit through lectures that are over an hour long. Yawn. 

I have found that I learn best when covering exam material in small bite-sized amounts.  Learning this way allows me to focus on just one major concept at a time.  Instead of packing everything related to a major topic into one lecture, Roger will have 3 or 4 separate lectures covering the same material.  This may not seem like a big deal to some, but believe me it is.  Other CPA review courses will try and cram everything into one chapter, which can be very overwhelming when you’re trying to learn a new concept. By breaking down each chapter into bite-sized lessons, you’re able to dig into each section separately and really hone in on the areas that are more challenging for you.  Its also a bonus that Roger is an extremely entertaining instructor. 

Happy studying everyone!! 

– Chris Boate, guest blogger for Roger CPA Review

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