Studying Requires Some Sacrifice

I didn’t want it to come to this, but sometimes we don’t have a choice. Achieving greatness (like passing THE CPA EXAM) requires sacrifice and it looks like I’m going to have to put sleep on the altar. Kind of like dieting, the first weeks had the benefits of adrenaline-augmented will power. When I came home from work, my husband would turn off the TV and wrangle the cats (who insist on curling up on my lap and walking across the desk if I’m on the computer) into the bedroom, leaving me in quiet isolation  to study. He would even try to have dinner ready on the three nights a week I have scheduled to study.

But I have to confess, there are just too many things in the evening to distract me. When I get home, I’m thinking about dishes that need to be put away or laundry that needs folding and I miss spending time going for evening walks and cooking. Yes, I understand the chores can wait and having grilled cheese again isn’t going to kill me BUT… I am the way I am. And after a long day at work, it turns out the last thing I want to do is have to buckle down mentally and cram leases and IFRS into my brain. I sometimes end up going through the motions and not putting in a full effort and that is a BIG waste of time.

Maybe not everyone listens to Roger’s introduction segment, but I did. I wanted to get the most out of the course and I figured he might have some pearls of wisdom to share. I liked his suggestions… except the get up at some un-Godly hour between 11 and 6 to study. NO WAY, I thought. I can get on board with the rest of it, but that seems too extreme. I mean, I am on the 12 month plan. It’s not too demanding. Surely that’s for people trying to power their way through the whole exam in 3 months!

And, it turns out, it’s also for people who are easily distracted, prone to procrastinate, and/or can’t say no when their significant other wants to take a walk to Pinkberry. (ME!) The reality is, I’m not going to change my whole nature (or my huband’s – to be honest) and, at 4 in the morning, when everyone is asleep, nothing is on TV and I don’t want to be up for any reason, I am really, REALLY motivated to get through the lessons for the day. I actually have a theory that because I’m half brain-dead at that hour, it’s actually easier for the info to assimilate because there are NO other thoughts in my head. Sure, I’m a little tired the rest of the day, but after doing this three times this week, my body is already adjusting to waking up early on its own. On my non-study days, I have the option of going back to sleep or reviewing material until I conk out again – by the way, the Roger CPA Exam MC Question app is GREAT for an early morning cram session. 

Three months of early mornings is not exactly what I prefer but it will get me to my goal – passing FAR and being one step closer to getting my full night’s zzz’s back!!! And in the meantime, I still get my downtime in the evenings. I just wish I had a 24 hour Starbucks across the street. Happy studying and sweet dreams!Categories 

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