Studying While Sick & New Interactive Questions

What a week it’s been. Last week I became sick with flu-like symptoms which eventually turned into a sinus infection.  It couldn’t have come at a worse time; I was supposed to take REG at the end of this week. 

I started feeling ill and basically tried to convince myself I was not sick with the power of positive thinking! However, it quickly became clear to me that I in fact was sick and felt awful. I tried to study lying in bed but that was not productive. I felt so helpless because I knew how behind I was going to be studying plus how behind I would be at work.  Finally, I just had to get real with myself and accept the fact that I was sick and may need to push the exam back.  I had initially planned to take this week off work to study but I was out for 4 days last week and knew I couldn’t do that.  So, I then decided to look at other dates to take the exam, the end of February was the only Saturday I could find with availability. While I am feeling better physically and now mentally that I have a plan, it is still disappointing to me to know that I could have potentially been done with REG this week.  Oh well that is life. Keep moving forward and don’t look back.  I am back studying and am very happy to be feeling better! 

While I was ill, I received an e-mail from Roger CPA Review introducing the Interactive Practice Questions.  I have just started working with the questions and I love them already!  Here’s why:  

  • If you are unsure about some questions or not scoring well on them, there is a link to the lecture material so you can go back and review the applicable topics (so helpful!) 
  • There are multiple choice and simulations this is my favorite part.  I am very diligent in doing the MC questions; however, I am guilty sometimes of not working the simulations as much as I should.  I think the new electronic format will help me a lot with that!  
  • They are organized really well by topic/section. 
  • The questions are timed so you can track yourself and really mimic the exam environment.

If you haven’t checked out the interactive questions, I encourage you to do!  You should watch the introductory video first as it has lot of important information on how the questions work and navigational instructions. Try them out!

Good luck with your studies this week!


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