Summertime CPA Exam Studying

Summertime Sadness, anyone? Nope, today we’re going to talk about summertime studying! Though…that may lead to some sadness…but we’ll tell you how to avoid that.

There is no better time to start studying for the CPA Exam than this summer. This especially holds true if you just graduated; find out why in a blog we we wrote last week. However, we know that studying in the summer isn’t always easy. Most people have gone on vacation, the strong sun rays make you want to lay by a pool, and the last thing you want to do is waste all that sunshine.

If you think there’s no way you’re ruining your summer to study for the CPA Exam, then we’ve got some counter-arguments for you right here. We’ve come up with some tips that we hope will convince you to start studying this summer! Here goes:

If not now, when?
We’re going to kill the biggest excuse right here. Have you ever put off something important by saying “I’ll do it tomorrow.” And when tomorrow comes, you say “I’ll do it tomorrow” yet again! This vicious cycle continues. The truth is, the time will never be just right. You just need to grit your teeth and do it. Make sure you have a plan that maps out all your studying so that you have something holding you accountable. Cross off each day of studying with a flourish!

Get creative with your studying, so you actually like doing it.
When you imagine studying for the CPA Exam, you probably think of yourself locked up in a cold library, working into the late hours of the night. But who says that’s how studying has to be like? Get innovative with your studying! Pick a spot outside in the shade and do your MCQs or read your textbook. You could even pick a spot near the window inside the library so you’re not as claustrophobic. Now that you have the option to supplement your studying with our Audio Course, you could even lay in the park and listen to lectures!

Fit in summer activities in your reward system (and avoid any summertime sadness).
This is probably the best part about studying in the summer. Every week, fit in an hour of relaxation and treat yourself to an activity that you’d do in the summer so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out too much. Remember, it’s important for you to unwind and let all the information you’ve been learning to really soak in. Having these activities planned will keep you motivated so that you’re not bogged down and can bounce back to your studies after rewarding yourself.

So, who’s ready to start studying with us this summer?

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