Advantages of eLearning: (Online/Digital)


Many CPA candidates are using the current COVID-19 isolation as an opportunity to lean into eLearning. More specifically, they are taking the extra time ensure they are fully prepared to sit for the CPA Exam once testing commences. There are many advantages of eLearning that can help candidates become better students by maximizing their study time for better exam preparation. We’ve outlined eLearning benefits below.

Ongoing Access to Key Resources

Today’s students want educational tools that fit their busy lifestyles. Instead of confining yourself in a classroom, you prefer to take your materials on the go. Digital exam prep means you can access your learning resources at your convenience. This gives you the flexibility you need, boosting your confidence.

Content Can Be Revisited Over and Over

With online learning, you can access the content an unlimited number of times. This is especially important when you need to focus on your weaker areas. Repetition gives you the practice you need to master new skills.

Efficient Delivery of Information

Compared to the traditional classroom teaching method or self-study using printed textbooks, eLearning has relatively quick delivery cycles. With eLearning, you can reduce the time required to learn by twenty-five to sixty percent.

Here’s Why:

  • You can start lessons quickly and wrap up in a single learning session. 
  • You can study at your own speed of learning instead of following the speed of a given study group.
  • Saves you time as you don’t need to travel to a training/lecture venue. You may learn in the comfort of your own home.
  • You can choose to study specific and relevant areas of the learning material without focusing on each and every area (skip certain areas you don’t need or want to learn).

Real-Time Content Updates

eLearning makes sure that you’re in sync with modern and contemporary thinking. This enables you to access content as soon as published.

Cost-Effective Learning

eLearning reduces significant training time and costs associated with trainers, travel, course materials, and accommodation.

Provides Timely Feedback

Using eLearning, you can get real-time feedback during an online training course. With everything connected online, you can also receive up-to-date analyses on your progress.

Easily Translatable and Scalable

Online training resources are often available in multiple languages thanks to built-in translation software. Also, instead of trying to find instructors or classroom space to learn, all you need is access to a computer or mobile phone. 

Eco-Friendly Way of Learning

eLearning is a paperless way of learning that contributes positively to the environment. Research has found that distance-based learning programs consumed around 90% less power. They also generated 85% less amount of CO2 emissions as compared to traditional campus-based courses. With eLearning, there is no need to cut trees for paper.

Easy-To-Grasp Information

Studies show that eLearning improves scores on certifications, tests, or other types of evaluation. Using eLearning, a higher number of students are achieving ‘pass’ or ‘mastery’ level. Studies also show that eLearning helps increase the retention of information for a longer time.

Guarantees a Risk-Free Environment

eLearning solutions allow you to fail in a safe environment. One of the major drawbacks of instructor-led group training is that some students will avoid contributing to the lesson. This is often due to the fear of failure.

Better Retention With Multimedia

With gamification, videos, and other interactive content, eLearning can increase your engagement with and retention of key information. This is especially true for specific, concise topics such as new software training, compliance procedures, or reference guides you can access on the go.

Accessibility for International Students

Speaking of on the go, one of the greatest benefits of eLearning is that it’s available 24/7 for an increasingly global and remote workforce. You get to access training on your own time, no matter where in the world you are. 

Consistent and Scalable Instruction

eLearning ensures that you will receive the same high-quality instruction, no matter where you are. This is also true no matter what application you use to access the learning resources. 

As you can see, eLearning has many advantages compared to traditional learning methods. At UWorld Roger CPA Review, we’ve completely bought into eLearning and believe in its positive impact on education.

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