The Big Game… of Studying

Lets face it – the majority of Americans will spend this weekend gathering with their friends and families to watch the Big Game and celebrate together.  However, what are we all doing?  We are focused, diligent CPA studying students that should be buried in our books watching lectures and doing MCQs, right?  Wrong!  (Well sort of read on). 

I am a huge football fan.  Unfortunately, my beloved Chicago Bears didnt make the Big Game or even the playoffs for that matter. That being said, I still fully intend on watching the game AND also getting a very productive day of studying in on Sunday before the game.  I fully believe that we as CPA candidates are under an incredible amount of stress while it is essential for us to be and focused and dedicated in our studies, its just as important for us to carve out some free time to enjoy time with our families and friends. In order for us to be successful at both facets, this requires a strict schedule we must adhere to. This weekend I decided to curb my social schedule on Friday night and all day on Saturday to study so I can enjoy Sunday afternoon/evening watching the Big Game. I plan to wake up early on Sunday morning to get several hours of studying in. 
 One of the reasons I feel I have been successful in passing the two parts of the exam I have taken is due to balance. I try not to burn myself out from studying by slotting out small slices of personal time away from the books. 
 Throughout your journey of the CPA exam, there will be other events that come up that you must to attend while not falling behind in your study schedule. The best way I handle this is by constantly evaluating the progress of my studies and other work/personal events on the horizon and then planning accordingly.  
 Please share any other advice/suggestions you have below. Have a great and productive weekend!

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