10 Top-Paying Accounting Jobs


The employment of accountants and auditors is projected to grow 11 percent from now until 2024, revealing just how high in demand accountants are across all job occupations. This is great news not only for those looking to obtain a position in the profession, but also means that the outlook for the U.S. economy is growing. As a result, more accountants will be needed to prepare and examine financial records. 

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So if you’re on your way to becoming a CPA and are thinking about ways to expand your professional opportunities, here are some of the top high-paying jobs in the profession that you can consider as you pave the path for your career in accounting

10. Environmental Accountant

If you enjoy collecting and analyzing information on materials flows and pollution controls for companies and organizations, this could be the position for you. Environmental accountants analyze how natural resources are used and how environmental impacts are managed across the nation, reporting to investors and regulators to ensure they are lessening the carbon footprint as much as possible. This is a secure position since we now live in a world where ecological threats are very real and companies need environmental accountants to help them reach their bottom line while simultaneously going green. 

Average salary: $67,000

9. Spectator Sports Accountant 

Just because you can’t hit a home run doesn’t mean that you can’t work in the sports industry. If you’ve ever dreamed of being surrounded by the world of your favorite athletics team, a spectator sports accountant could be the career for you. Ranging in position from payroll accountant to merchandise accountant of sports team revenues, or controller, you can help with player and staff compensation, manage inventory, or oversee the entire accounting department for the team. 

Average salary: $70,130

8. Senior Financial Analyst 

This is a role you’re probably already very familiar with, as a senior financial analyst is basically employed in just about every industry there is. Your primary responsibilities would be to review a company’s finances and make recommendations for how they can lower costs, improve revenue, prepare financial reports, and make forecasts to predict where the company will be going if things continue in their current state. 

Average salary: $74,000

7. Accounting Software Developer 

As technology continues to advance in today’s day and age, firms, and companies are always looking for better ways to streamline workflows and data processing. What better software is there than one that is created by accountants for accountants? If you enjoy working with developers and have a knack for design or user experience, becoming an accounting software developer may just be right up your alley. 

Average salary: $89,000

6. Risk & Compliance Professionals 

There are a lot of rules and regulations to keep track of in the professional world. Someone has to make sure that people follow them. And that someone could be you! Risk & compliance professionals design and implement programs, policies, and practices to make sure that businesses are in compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. 

Average salary: $99,000

5. Personal Financial Adviser 

Ever wonder how celebrities or other millionaires budget and invest their earnings? Becoming a personal financial adviser for the rich and famous allows you to do just that. While you’ll still work in traditional areas of accounting, you’ll be doing it for those who make more money than they know what to do with. You would be involved in estate planning and a myriad of other expenditures to help your clients with their financial goals. 

Average salary: You can make as much as 5% of your client’s annual salary ($100,000 or more) 

4. Finance Director 

Again, many companies across different industries will have a financial director, which is someone who directs an organization’s financial policies and oversees all financial functions including accounting, budget, credit, insurance, tax, and treasury. Typically, a finance director will represent the second most senior executive and requires an advanced degree with 10 or more years of experience. 

Average salary: $101,300

3. Information Technology Accountants 

This position is great if you’re really savvy with accounting principles as well as computer systems. Information technology accountants help businesses choose and maintain information systems utilized by their accounting departments. They create and audit data and can typically result in 3 career options: systems analyst, consultant, and accountant. 

Average salary: $102,910

2. Corporate Controller 

You’re probably also very familiar with this job title. A controller is someone who tracks and maintains different financial aspects of a business. They generally prepare the taxes, control the budget, oversee employees who work in different financial departments, and set financial goals for the company. They work very closely with different teams and should be well versed with multiple computer applications to run and analyze financial reports. 

Median salary: $112,000

1. Teacher in Accounting 

You may or may not be surprised, but one of the top-paying jobs in the accounting profession is being an accounting professor. Especially if you have a Ph.D. As an accounting professor, you’ll research and teach accounting students as well as fellow professionals. Your research is based mainly on accounting information systems, financial accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting, and audit. 

Average salary: $127,000

We hope you found this information helpful as you think about pursuing your career as a CPA! 

Source: 40 Top-Paying Accounting Jobs

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