Top 10 Reasons to Study with Roger CPA Review


At Roger CPA Review, we strive to provide our students not only with the most up-to-date CPA Review content and material, but also the most intuitive and effective way in which that content is delivered. As leaders in the eLearning space, our goal is to help CPA Exam candidates understand concepts thoroughly so that they’re prepared for the exam no matter what it throws their way. Here are the top 10 reasons why students choose to study with Roger CPA Review!

  1. Learn, Practice, and Support: Our proven teaching methodology gives students the tools and resources they need to pass the CPA Exam.
  2. Customized study planners: Students can build their own study plans tailored to their lifestyle, schedule, and when they would like to pass the CPA Exam.
  3. Micro-learning lessons: Materials get right to the point! Students have one focused video lecture paired with one focused textbook excerpt delivered side-by-side for streamlined learning.
  4. Effective memory aids: All lectures contain helpful memory aids and mnemonics to easily recall important information. 
  5. Course player features: Students can use closed captioning, adjustable playback speed, highlighting, and keyword search as they go through their lectures. 
  6. Quiz functionality: Quizzes look and function just like the actual CPA Exam and include thousands of multiple-choice questions and complex task-based simulations to challenge students at the highest skill levels. 
  7. Full answer explanations: Every answer option gives full explanations as to why they are either correct or incorrect, helping students enhance their learning.
  8. Adaptive diagnostic reporting: Students get a report of their overall progress and competency, giving them a clear picture of where to review or what problematic areas to focus on. 
  9. CPA Exam Simulator: Providing an unlimited amount of full-length practice exams, the CPA Exam simulator mirrors the structure of the CPA Exam exactly so students can polish their test strategy including time management and self-discipline under the same grueling conditions of the CPA Exam. 
  10. Homework Help Center: If students come across a concept or question that is extra difficult, the Homework Help Center connects them with expert CPA Exam moderators to help answer questions and guide them through complicated topics. 

And, to top it all off, Roger CPA Review has a team of friendly staff all dedicated to students’ success. We’re available by chat, phone, email, or social media because our job is to help students run a smart race and reach their goal of becoming a CPA!

Take a look at our course demo video below to see all of our amazing features in action! 

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