Top 3 Misconceptions About CPAs!

We’ve all heard the stereotypes. You’re an accountant? Then you must be boring, brainy, and surely anti-social!” Lets take a moment to dispel some of the most common misconceptions regarding CPAs.

3. CPAs are all math-crazed brainiacs!While most CPAs are gifted in the numbers area, most are not mathematical geniuses that fall asleep dreaming about cost accounting or GAAP Codification. As sharp as they are, most accountants will attest that hard work and discipline drive success more than inherent brilliance. In fact, during busy season, CPAs can even work upward of 80 hours per week! You can begin developing your strong work ethic now by devoting the appropriate time to your current endeavors, whether thats exceling in your college courses or studying hard to pass the CPA Exam. The patterns you set now will carry through to all of your future successes.

2. CPAs want to help you with your taxes! No one minds doing favors for friends, but asking a CPA pal in the tax field to lend a hand can be a lot to ask! Accountants lead busy and ambitious careers, and may not appreciate the extra work pro bono. Make sure to offer your helpful CPA friends thank you gifts for their services, and CPAs, make sure to be comfortable saying, No thanks!

1.  Accountants are boring! Um, hello? Have you met our friend Roger? Past students of Roger CPA Review frequently tell us that Roger’s enthusiasm and energy deliver daily inspiration when studying for the CPA Exam. Many students miss his personality when the course is over, and thank Roger for all the laughs along the journey. But Roger can’t dispel this stereotype on his own its up to you to conquer the exam and prove to the world just how awesome CPAs can be!

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