Top 5 CPA Exam Study Tips: Round 2!

Its been about one year since we published our hit blog: Winning Reviews: The Top 5 Study Tips from CPA Exam Veterans. So it’s time for a refresher. We’ve taken some of our favorite pieces of advice from our students since last year and put them together to provide you with a boost of motivation and reminder that you are NOT alone. Our community is rich with advice and support, both of which we encourage be given freely and in bulk! Were reminded that Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

5.  As cliche as it is, Don’t give up. Don’t put it off. Just dig in. Your friends will be upset for missing a dinner or two here and there, but they will be so happy for you when you passed. Even though all of them will claim I told you so.  Autumn B.

4.  Before you apply or decide to go for the exams, you have to definitely commit yourself and convince yourself that you will be responsible and accept whatever life is for the next 6 or 9 or 12 months. A strong determination will lead you towards the end and Roger is always by your side 7 days 24 hours (Online course of course). It’s not a matter of what review course you take if you are not willing to do the work.  Benson L.

3.  Be relentless in your studies with the mindset that it’ll benefit you in the long-run, instead of going with the attitude that you’ll study the bare minimum to pass with a 75.  Garmeon Y.

2.  My dad told me to overestimate how long I expected each section to take. I didn’t understand until I found myself panicking before my first section (FAR). He was absolutely correct since I was unable to stick to my schedule the entire time I studied. Having this cushion reduced a little bit of the stress I was under. Also, you will never really feel ready for the exam. If you put in the hours like you were supposed to, go on and take the exam. I wanted to postpone AUD like I did REG, and it ended up being my highest score.  Winnie Q.

1.  It’s a study marathon. Make time for the exam, no matter what you’re doing, but make sure to plan in some break time every now and then.  Sophia L.

In the comments below, please share some of your best study tips with your fellow students. Don’t forget to connect with fellow CPA Exam candidates through our Homework Help Center and forums!

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