Top 5 Reasons to Watch a Roger CPA Review Course Demo

As many of you shop around to study with a CPA Review Course this summer, we’d like to remind you to watch course demos for every course you look at. If you’re considering the Roger CPA Review course, here are 5 reasons why you need to check out our course demos before making your decision: 

#1 Shopping for a CPA Review Course is similar to buying a car. Both are hefty purchases and require some thought before buying. When you go to buy a car, chances are you’ll look many places: Craig’s List, the Auto Mall in the next town over, or maybe someone will try and sell you a lemon. Before you put down the money, what’s the one thing you’ll do? You’re going to test drive the car. Our course demo is that test drive. You want to make sure you’re comfortable in the driver’s seat and that you have full control over the steering wheel. Watching a course demo will help you get a better feel for how the course works as a whole. Also, this test drive isn’t a measly 20 minutes- our 4 course demos are each 1 hour long, allowing you to really get into our course.

#2 Meet your instructor! Did you know that the AICPA says the successful CPA Exam Candidate studies for an average of 300-400 hours? Our course demo is the perfect way to meet the one instructor you’ll be spending so much time with: Roger Philipp, CPA.

#3 Find out if your learning style fits how we teach. Remember, not all review courses teach the same way. Some courses will instruct you to highlight different parts of the textbook. Others will just drone on about Cost Accounting without writing a word on the board (this is an exaggeration, we know). The best CPA Review courses out there understand that students learn best when they are fully immersed in the course, engaged with the instructor, and have all study tools at their fingertips.

#4 Finally understand what we mean by an “enjoyable” CPA Review course. Many students doubt that a CPA Review course can be enjoyable. However, we can proudly claim that you will actually enjoy your Roger CPA Review course, whether you half groan/half smile at Roger’s jokes or full on sing some of his catchiest mnemonics!

#5 Get a glimpse of our course textbooks. Each course demo comes with an excerpt from each of our textbooks. The textbooks were all written by Roger Philipp, CPA so you can be sure what you hear in the lectures matches up exactly with what’s in your text. This allows all pieces of the course to fit together so nothing falls through the cracks!

There you have it! We know the advice above is only focused on why you should watch the Roger CPA Review Course demos. However, the truth is you should be carefully looking at all CPA Review Courses before you put your money down. This is a big investment! Here are some of the things you should be looking for as you’re shopping around.

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