Top 5 Study Tips for Moms – Happy Mother’s Day from Roger CPA Review

With Mothers Day right around the corner (That’s right its Sunday! Go buy your mom a gift. Stat.), what better time to share the Top 5 Study Tips for all the moms out there!

Create a Study Plan! Between juggling a 9 to 5, trying to put a remotely healthy dinner on the table, kids sporting gigs, and studying for the CPA Exam, parents have it rough! Creating an accurate study plan to manage all of your commitments will help you to establish a clear study timeline and keep you on track to your goal.

Study on-the-go!  But seriously, what better time to whip out your Online Course on your iPad than at your kids soccer game or ballet lesson? Additionally, ladies, your lunch hour at work can serve as a nice, one-hour study session in a kid-free, quiet environment.

Create a kid-free zone!   We know that parenthood is synonymous with lack of personal space. However, its imperative that you find a quiet nook in your house that you can retreat to and study without distraction. Whether its the guest room, or even the laundry room (white noise!), tack up that Do Not Disturb Sign and get your study on.

Talk it out.  Open communication with your kiddos is super important.Let them know why you’re so busy. They may be too young to fully understand, but once they’re old enough, they’ll be proud of you for working toward your goal. For older children, your study habits can serve as the perfect learning experience let them see how your hard work will pay off!

Make it a priority. Sure, you’d like to tackle that dishes pile, clean out the guest room closet, or catch a flick with that ol’ husband of yours, but now’s the time to make some sacrifices. The sooner you make the CPA Exam a top priority, the sooner you’ll pass and can move on with a normal life!

And with that, moms, we hope you’ve scheduled some time on Sunday to take a nice long study break and put your feet up you deserve it! Have a very happy Mothers Day from all of us at Roger CPA Review.

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