Top 5 Summer Excuses for Avoiding CPA Exam Studies

It’s May 1st, which means warmer weather, blooming flowers, and a whole plethora of fresh excuses to avoid your CPA Exam studies. Sorry CPA Exam Candidates, we are here to debunk the Top 5 Summer Excuses for Avoiding CPA Exam Studies.

Excuse #5: “But It’s so warm outside!”
Then bring your CPA studies into the sun! As long as there aren’t any blaring distractions, sometimes an extra dose of vitamin D and fresh air can help your studies. It may also help to change your study environment once in awhile to avoid boredom and monotony.

Excuse #4: “But I have so much else to do!”
Are the other items on your To-Do List as important as your personal and professional goal of becoming a CPA? We know it can be hard balancing work, life, relationships, families, and all the other hats you wear. But always try to put yourself first. You are worth it!

Excuse #3: “But all my friends are going out together!”
Are your friends CPAs? Didn’t think so. If they are, they will understand and support your undying commitment to passing all four parts on the first try. That means the fun can wait for a bit! Trust us, they will understand!

Excuse #2: “But I studied for an hour last night. That should be enough for awhile!”
Don’t trick yourself into thinking you deserve a two hour TV break as a reward for an hour of studying. Stick to your studies. That’s the only way you will become a CPA. Remember Roger’s famous words, “If you study, you WILL pass!”

Excuse #1: “But I just don’t feel like studying tonight.”
By far, this is the most popular procrastination excuse that we hear from CPA Candidates. Please know that you are not alone. In fact, almost every single CPA Candidate has felt exactly the same way as you have. Burnt out, tired, and a bit hazy on the exact reason you took on this challenge in the first place. That’s why we’ve created study planners in 3, 6, 9, and 12 month formats that map out your study plan throughout the entire journey. Whenever you are feeling exhausted, stop, breathe, get a good night’s sleep, and resume your CPA Exam Game Plan the next day. 

Good luck out there, and Happy May Day!

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