Top 5 Things UWorld Roger CPA Is Thankful for This Holiday Season


Thanksgiving, a time to enjoy moments with friends and family, partake in holiday food and drink, and reflect upon what we’re truly thankful for. Below are the top 5 things the Roger CPA UWorld team is thankful for in 2019:

  1. Our Students. Always at the top of our list first and foremost is all of you. Thank you for being among the best students that we’ve had the joy of partnering with for the CPA Exam. We know that taking on the CPA Exam requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. In some ways, we also know that studying with us means that we’re being integrated into your family as our lectures, textbooks, and practice questions permeate and cross over into many parts of your social and personal life. It is not only a privilege to be part of your CPA Exam and licensing journey, but to be a positive part of your career and future.

  2. Innovative ways to improve CPA Exam pass ratesPerformance data of past students has led to new technologies to improve the way current students study for the CPA Exam—increasing efficiency and efficacy. It’s a great reminder that how we advance technologically as a company helps to provide a positive impact to students’ lives. We are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of that.

  3. Our dedicated professional community. From CPA candidates to professors to business professionals, we are thankful to work in a professional community that recognizes the importance of CPA licensure. We are continually inspired and motivated by our students who come from all walks of life, and are fueled by their stories of pursuing additional education to achieve their goals. We’re furthermore inspired by the academic institutions and CPA firms who support them on this journey.

  4. 2020 CPA Exam Changes. We know what you are thinking.  What? Really?  The CPA profession has demanded higher level skillsets, which means we have the opportunity to shape the way the next generation of CPAs conduct business.  We’re all stakeholders in not only helping our students successfully pass the CPA Exam, but to also help prepare CPAs for their next career move.

  5. The UWorld Roger CPA Review Team. We are thankful each other—meaning all the hard-working folks on our team. This is a team with true heart, that works hard for our students and our community. We do the right thing. We lift each other up when we’re down. We’ve got each other’s backs.  We love what we do, and we love doing it together. 

From all of us at Roger CPA UWorld, Happy Holidays!

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