Top 5 Tips for Mid-Storm Studying

From west coast to east coast, it’s safe to say been hit with a fair share of stormy weather. Though it may not be ideal for most, the grey clouds are perfect for a CPA Exam devotee! Tune in below for the Top 5 Tips for Mid-Storm Studying!

  1. No Power, no problem! A power outage is a great time to perfect your mnemonics, review your notes or read the highlighted sections in your course textbook…by candlelight, of course. Without all of the distractions of the Modern Age (coughFacebook), perhaps this quiet time will actually prove to be useful.
  2. Snowbound – With roads blanketed in ice and snow, many firms are resorting to doling out snow days to employees. Unless you’re required to work from home, use this day as an impromptu study session.
  3. Take me home tonight Even though you’ve accepted an invitation to meet your college pal to see what all the fuss is over the latest Oscar snub, blame it on the need for new wiper blades and stay inside to hit the books.
  4. Splish splash Its been proven that exercise and regular study breaks keep your mind from fading. No need to trek to the gym, exercise awaits you right outside your door in the form of puddles! Not to mention, you can probably take out some CPA Exam frustrations
  5. Live it and Love it Curl up with your course textbook and a warm caffeinated beverage and study to the pitter-patter of rain on the window. Studying like this cant be that painful, right?

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