Top 8 Accounting Themed Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. And we won’t blame you if you want to take a day off from studying for the CPA Exam to have a ghoulish good time. So if haven’t decided on a costume yet or would simply like a few minutes of amusement, use this blog article to give you some inspiration! 

1. Calculator 

Yup. One of those things. Perfect for when you don’t have time and have decided to go to a house party last minute. Grab those scissors, Elmer’s glue, sharpie, and computer paper. An oldie, but a goodie. 

2. Zombie accountant 

Zombies are all the rage this year. You can go as that token accountant of the zombie group who was attacked in his office moments after the virus spread. Find that old suit you wore at the job you hated last year and cut it up with joy. 

3. Top 1% and other 99% 

If you’re going for something a little more philosophical and clever, this one’s the one for you. Hah! Check out the wardrobe and general air of these two that stereotype the top 1% and the other 99%! Find a partner and you’re golden. 

4. Uncle Sam 

Enough said. 

5. Taxed to death 

Dress up and proclaim loudly what everyone feels every time they get their paychecks! This is especially how you feel during the Busy Season! 

6. Honest accountant/silent partner 

We like this one for its wittiness and–let’s face it–it’s pretty simple to do. 

7. Money stack

This one gets to the root of all things accounting! And–not a bad option to keep your head warm for chilly Halloween nights! 

8. New York Stock Exchange 

Yes! This one may require a little more effort in finding some fellow mates and sticking together all night, but definitely worth the conversation starter you’ll get! 

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