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It’s the holiday season, and as we spend time with the ones we love, we are also reminded of the 2020 CPA Exam that is right around the corner. For many, this means longer hours studying for the exam and less time with family or friends. But, if you’ve decided to become a CPA, you probably don’t want to simply stop studying, or postpone sitting for the exam until the holidays are over. You want to become a CPA as soon as possible, and you’re willing to work as hard as you need to to accomplish your goal.  So, how can you find the time to study when you’re trying to balance work and the holidays?

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We decided to reach out to our amazing community of accounting professionals and asked them to provide some study tips for those preparing for the 2020 CPA Exam over the holidays. Here’s the top 5 tips they wanted to share:   

  1. It’s impossible to know everything, so use SmartPath. Realistically, there is no one who feels 100% confident before sitting for the exam. As Roger Philipp has stated before about the exam, “You need to know a little bit about a lot of information.” The goal is to find out what you know and what you need to learn and the best way to do that is through SmartPath Predictive Technology™. Take out the guessing game of what to study for the Exam. Get your targeted recommendations on how to focus your efforts by comparing your progress and performance with those who have passed the CPA Exam before you! 
  2. Make your study sessions part of your daily routine, but stick to it! Decide when it’s the best time to study during the day (counting work and personal life) and block that time into your calendar. Most importantly, keep that time scheduled. Try not to move it around once it’s blocked.  Creating a study routine will become a natural part of your life and easier to stick to.  
  3. Create boundaries and set the correct expectations with friends and family. One CPA responded to our request for tips by stating that very few people will ever understand what you’re going through as you prepare for the CPA Exam. Only the people living with you and other CPA Exam candidates understand the commitment. So, this is a good time to let those who “don’t get it,” understand the importance of passing the CPA Exam to your career and what the next several months will look like for you.   
  4. Understand your learning style.  Are you able to study in a room while your family listens to holiday music? Are you able to sip on eggnog while listening to lectures or do you need to be alone while highlighting text? Find what works for you and make space for yourself to have successful study sessions. Knowing what your studying strengths and weaknesses are will help you to map out a strategy and set yourself up for success on exam day.
  5. Take a break. Studying for the CPA Exam will consume many hours of your life. That’s OK, but you need to also ensure you’re taking breaks or full days off to replenish and recharge yourself. It’s not only healthy, but imperative to your CPA Exam journey success. Visit with friends and family. Take a walk. Go to the gym. Listen to music. Whatever you do, enjoy some downtime so that you’re recharged for your next study session. 

As a CPA Review provider, one of the things that Roger CPA Review values above all else–especially during the holiday season–is the gift of passing the CPA Exam. The 2020 CPA Exam is almost here and we’re here to ensure you pass and reach your goals this year. Lean on our amazing social community when you’re feeling overwhelmed or need to know that you’re not in this alone. We’re wishing you the best of luck in your studies. 

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