Top Reasons Why Candidates Choose Roger CPA Review


At Roger CPA Review, we pride ourselves on being leaders in eLearning and CPA review. As our dedicated team of CPA course experts work hand in hand with software development, we’ve mastered the art of helping students make important connections, retain information, and apply what they’ve learned to both the exam and real life. It’s no wonder we have an 88% pass rate with The Roger Method™! This methodology, comprised of learn, practice, and support, create the perfect trio students need to pass the CPA Exam with confidence. So, we wanted to share some real testimonials from students who talk about how the course has helped them achieve CPA Exam success. 

Easy to Understand Micro-lessons & Interactive Practice Questions 

“I cannot begin to say enough great things about Roger CPA Review. Using Roger, I was able to pass all four parts of the exam on my first try while working full time in GAAP financial reporting. I studied through 2 quarter closes and a year end which meant long hours, but thanks to Roger CPA I was able to stay focused and make it through. I particularly liked the short videos (usually between 15 and 30 minutes) as it made it easier to watch because I didn’t have to schedule out long periods of time to watch without having to pause in the middle of something. The shorter videos meant that there were natural stops within the sections and it was easy to pick up where I had left off the next day.

I also appreciated the Interactive Practice Questions (IPQ). I learn best by practicing and repetition. I found that by completing a section’s videos and then following that with questions from that specific section to be particularly effective. As I progressed through each course, I added on more and more sections of questions. By the time I reached the end, I was still familiar with the material from the beginning of the section.
I can’t say Thank You enough Roger!”

–David Ash

Resourceful Supporting Materials

“I was not an accounting major, but I was able to pass all four parts of the CPA exam on the first try within two testing windows thanks to Roger. The online format is so engaging (and funny), the offline lectures make traveling and studying easy, and the multiple choice questions are carefully selected to cover important material. I am so glad I chose Roger. THANK YOU!!!”

–Catherine Danola

Helpful Memory Aids & Mnemonics 

“Just passed the last part of my CPA with Roger!!!! Can not say enough about how great this program is. I would find myself saying the Roger memory aids when I was taking the exams. I recommend to all of my friends. In my opinion Roger is the best program out there!!!”

–Brannon Pruett 

Adjustable playback speed

“I find the speed settings of the lectures invaluable. I can pay attention without daydreaming so much better when the speed is set at 1.5…And for those lectures that I have already heard, or for answers to the class questions that I have already done on my own and just want to check my work, I set it to 2.0 and that way I quickly find out any tidbits that I may not have thought of without wasting time. Also, I end up re-listening to lectures many times, cycling back through areas, so the speed is very useful to be able to repeat quickly. The slower speeds are useful when I am taking notes. Thank you very much for this feature.”

–Nitza Bogdan 

Organized & Attention-Grabbing Lectures 

“I passed all four sections of the CPA Exam with Roger CPA Review in 6 months! Before I purchased Roger CPA Review, I didn’t know if I could succeed with getting through the exam. I failed FAR back in 2013, and at that time I probably spent over 200 hours preparing for that exam. But when I got back into it last fall, I appreciated how Roger did such a great job making complex material seem a lot simpler. Plus he emphasizes the material you need to know so you’re not spinning your wheels on a lot of unnecessary material. Thanks Roger!”

–John Christensen 

“After being in industry for 20 years (and many years out of college), I finally decided to sit for my CPA exam. I knew I needed a review course and after looking at numerous review courses, Roger CPA Review was the right course for me. The lectures are informative and engaging. The questions and tasks are challenging and really drive home the topics. Roger is so engaging it makes learning dry material actually fun! Because of Roger CPA Review, I had the confidence needed to know that I knew the topics walking into the test.”

–Elaine Lauderdale 

Now that we have also upgraded our Interactive Practice Question (IPQ) & CPA Exam Simulator software system, our course has the features students need to be completely prepared for the Document Review Simulations (DRS) appearing on the exam on July 1, 2016. In addition, the IPQ also contains adaptive learning techniques, diagnostic reporting, and improved user experience updates that mimic the CPA Exam environment.

See how you can be on your way to a CPA license by choosing a review course that provides you with all the tools you’ll need to pass the CPA Exam efficiently and effectively–all while enjoying the process too! 

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