Twitter’s Largest CPA Exam Study Group #twudygroup

It really eliminates the long-distance limitations that we may have, and allows us to study together on one big Twitter tablegvaval

Its no secret that social media has transformed human interaction entirely, creating and connecting communities of people from all over the world with like goals. The little ol CPA exam is no exception to this social revolution. Last week I sat down (virtually, of course) with members of Twitters largest CPA exam study group to find out exactly why everyone is atwitter over twudygroup.

When and who created the twudygroup? One member jokes, The origins of the twudygroup date back to the cavemen.– njcpa2b. However, without getting into the nitty gritty of twudygroup origins (lets face it, theyre all too tired to remember exactly who created the group anyway), one of twudygroup founders, SleeponCPA attributed the founding of the group purely to the desire for CPA Exam community: We wanted to have some kind of communication and support group, we thought of starting a chat community but Twitter was very convenient and a hash tag group kept us together.
What is the twudygroup? I would describe twudygroup as a group of determined individuals all across the country focused on passing the CPA exam. We all have different reasons for wanting to accomplish the goal, different ways of studying, study material, but a common dream……to be a CPA We keep each other motivated, ease the tension when the material is difficult, and encourage each other to stay positive while studying & waiting for our exam scores. – elenatercero
What does being a member of the twudygroup entail? “Twudygroup-ers “check in” when studying. This means that we tweet before we start studying. We always use the hashtag “#twudygroup” so that all of our tweets are shared on a common thread. Many times we’ll say what we are going to do for the study session. It holds us accountable for actually studying.”Posty1014
How has social media changed the way that you prepare for the CPA exam?It has a huge impact on the way that I prepare for the exam. We support and motivate each other, provide guidance as to the different review courses, study tips, and also, moral support when score-release season is upon us. We quiz each other sometimes, and we also keep ourselves accountable about reaching our weekly or daily study goals. I dont think that I would be as educated about the exam as I am right now without social media (especially Twitter!).It really eliminates the long-distance limitations that we may have, and allows us to study together on one big Twitter tablegvaval

Now, just imagine passing the CPA Exam with thirty friends by your side. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? Having a strong support network is crucial to achieving your goal of becoming a CPA. That is why groups like twudygroup are so effective. Come join us in the #twudygroup. Let’s pass this thing and be CPAs already.Posty1014
Want to join?All you have to do is add the hashtag #twudygroup and thats it! Also please introduce yourself (with the hashtag) so we know who you are & follow you. Sooner or later, a handful of other CPA Candidates will be there to provide that support while studying for the exam. So please don’t be shy!– mynameis_nano

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