Using Course Diagnostics to Strengthen Study Effectiveness


Any CPA Exam candidate will tell you that when you’re studying for the CPA Exam, there are many factors you have to take into consideration in order to do well. But perhaps the most important factor is understanding what your strengths and weaknesses are for every topic and chapter that you study. Understanding where you stand in the course material isn’t only significant to making your study process more efficient and effective; it also serves as the best leverage you can use to be successful in passing the CPA Exam. After all—how can you reach your destination if you don’t know where you are to begin with?

As experts on preparing students to successfully pass the CPA Exam, we know how important it is for students to fully understand their progress and competency through their study materials so that they can optimize their practice. Therefore, we have integrated a robust course diagnostic system into our Interactive Practice Questions (IPQ) and CPA Exam Simulation software which are included in all Roger CPA Review courses. This system provides students with maximum user control, making their CPA Exam journey more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. And we’ll explain how you can get the most out of our IPQ & CPA Exam Simulation system when utilizing these features. 

Unanswered Questions 

The benefits of seeing how many questions you have left to answer helps you determine your overall course progress. We recommend students see every question at least once, so knowing how many questions you still have to get through will give you a good idea of how far you’ve gotten in the entire test bank of questions. With the ability to take and create quizzes with specific filters, you can focus solely on unanswered questions, giving you the flexibility to continuously go back and see how far you’ve come and how much further you have yet to go for any given chapter. 

Questions Answered Correctly and Incorrectly 

As we mentioned earlier, understanding what and where your strengths/weaknesses are in the course material is extremely significant; it helps you focus your study time accordingly so that you’re being efficient and effective, and it also serves as a blueprint to help guide you through your studies. Our IPQ  software helps you evaluate where your strengths and weaknesses are by providing you with information on which questions you answered correctly and incorrectly, and—the most important reason—why. 

Many times, students only focus on the questions they answered incorrectly; however, knowing why you answered a question correctly is also equally important. Our system provides expert written solutions explaining why a question you answered was correct or incorrect so that students can verify whether or not they actually understand a concept rather than leaving it to blind luck. And with the ability to bookmark questions and leave notes, they can seamlessly transition from one area of study to the next while keeping track of concepts they would like to revisit later for further review. 

Robust Diagnostic Reporting 

Lastly, our overall diagnostic reports for each course part and individual chapter enables students to see how they’re doing overall, and also serves as a great strategy to review the material on both a micro and macro level. On a micro level, when students finish a chapter, they can go through the text, see which questions they have answered correctly/incorrectly, and access the questions they bookmarked or took notes on. After assessing how they did overall, they can see where they’re falling short, fill in any gaps/holes, and review the material to ensure that they know and understand all the concepts. 

On a macro level, students can move onto the next chapter and proceed to follow the same process of assessment while at the same using their knowledge from the previous chapter as a foundation for the current one. This way, students are constantly layering their knowledge base until they finish a section. This is an important part of final review for the Exam as the analytics and diagnostics help students determine what their strengths/weaknesses are and how they can use it to their advantage. 

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