Week 12: Study Tips to Stay on Track

Tune in weekly to follow Ohio-based Guest Blogger, Joe Ferri as he conquers FAR using the Roger CPA Review Online Course, and documents his every trial and tribulation!

This past week has not been one of my more productive weeks for studying. Work has been extremely busy and I’m in the process of a move. I need to get back in the swing of things this week to stay on pace to take the FAR exam at some point in this next testing window. I was really hoping that Id have a few weeks toward the end of the testing to window to review, but Ill need to keep moving through the material to make that happen. I feel like the concepts in FAR require a much more focused and concentrated study effort than other sections such as Auditing. The difficulty of the material kind of makes me feel like I need to review things a few times before I really get a handle on the topic.

This is where I really get a lot of use out of the video lectures. After reading a specific topic Ill go back to the lectures, in some cases more than once, and typically take down a lot of notes. Roger is very thorough on the videos and I’ve noticed a big difference on how I score on the MCQ after I’ve spent the time watching the class online. Its also nice to see him go through a few sample problems toward the end each topic. It helps to see exactly how the material is going to be tested right after you’ve gone over it in the lecture.

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