Week 17 – The Importance of a Study Buddy

Tune in weekly to follow Ohio-based Guest Blogger, Joe Ferri as he conquers FAR using the Roger CPA Review Online Course, and documents his every trial and tribulation!

Having a close friend, co-worker or classmate that is taking the test can be a big help in your quest to pass the CPA exam. I always feel like the more info I have the better. Small things like directions to the testing center or a heads up when seats are filling up are great tips that can be helpful along the way. Thats where a friend can really come in handy. Its also nice to have someone to talk to that understands the daily grind and commitment that it takes to get ready for test day. Roger does a great job of being that for us, too, since he provides us not just with test material information, but also what to expect on all the details like scheduling and getting ready the day of the exam.

Another benefit of knowing someone is that they can provide extra motivation when you see they have passed a section. Its a good way to measure your progress and keep yourself on task when you see others putting the time in. On the flip side, you can also give each other a much needed lift if the test doesn’ week-17-importance-study-buddy t go your way.

I hope your studying is going well!


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