Week 4: Tackling Multiple Choice Questions

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Another week, a whole lot more MCQ

Hello there! Okay, another week has gone by and I am pretty happy with the way my CPA study plan has been going. I’ve been trying to take a few hours each night and really focus in on one topic. Maybe not the quickest way to get through all of material, but I feel like its working out well.

Multiple choice questions are really a great way to measure where you’re at on a given subject. The best method for me has been to go through the questions immediately after studying, and keep my book close by for reference. When I get one wrong, I take notes on the question and have something to go back to when I have some extra down time.

As it gets closer to the test date, I then start taking random tests to prepare me for the how it will be the day of the exam. Seeing the results is a great way for me to build my confidence. When I see I’m getting above 80% on the random tests, I’m hopeful I can do the same thing at the test center.

My theory: if you spend enough time doing the multiple choice questions you’ll have a good idea of what areas you feel good about and also the areas you might need to work on.

Share your Multiple Choice study strategy!

Happy studying!


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