What Happens If You’re Sick During the CPA Exam?

You plan, you study, and you practice MCQs until you can’t think and then the big day comes and you have the flu. You have been off work for four days.  You took two days off to cram for the exam.  You took the last two days trying to just physically exist!

Nonetheless, CPA Exam day came.  I was unable to reschedule the exam for a day when I wasn’t so sick.  My “authorization to test period” had expired.  I proceeded to take the Exam.  I decided to give it my best effort under less than ideal conditions.

Additionally, since you are forbidden to bring ANYTHING into the testing room, I had to repeatedly leave to get a tissue and cough drop losing valuable time from completing the FAR section.

Needless to say, I did not pass.

So much built-up stress is created by worrying about the CPA Exam and then trying to work through that day.  Even though I did not pass, that level of stress is gone because I now have experienced the testing situation and know I will pass on my next effort.  I do not look forward to sitting for another four hours to take FAR again but have the “get back on the horse” attitude.  

My time during the holidays will be spent reviewing and practicing questions in between eating fruitcake and drinking eggnog.   I will be ready for round two!

Kerry – guest blogger for Roger CPA Review

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