Winning Reviews: The Top 5 Study Tips from CPA Review Veterans

Roger CPA Review students across the globe know the importance of community support when preparing for the CPA Exam. One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is “What worked for other students?” To craft the best response, we gathered helpful advice from some of our most successful CPA Exam students. So without further ado, check out our list of the Top 5 Study Tips from CPA Exam Veterans.

5. “Through it all, all I did was stick to Roger’s advice: Stick to a study plan, put the hours in, and do the homework twice.”  Jacqueline B. 

4. “One of the things that has really helped me study is the way that you have broken down every concept into simple and straightforward sections that I can understand. When there is a section that I don’t understand, I back up the video and watch it again until I get it. The video also has hundreds of examples that help make sense of the topic. After the video, I reread each section then do the questions and find myself visualizing your examples from the video to figure out the answer.”
  Lawson B.

3. “Give up nights and weekends to eat, sleep, and breathe the CPA Exam. My motto was to take one section at a time and fully focus on that. I took REG in Jan-12, BEC in Feb-12, AUD in Apr-12 and FAR in May-12. There’s definitely overlap among sections. It can definitely be frustrating and overwhelming at times, but stick with Roger’s plan/method and you can pass.”  Will H.

2. “It was my objective, while studying for the test, to not move on to the next chapter until I felt I could master the current one. I found it best to read the material first, watch the videos second and then answer all multiple choice questions and simulation problems from the Wiley book. I did not allow myself to move on to the next subject until I correctly answered at least 80% of the questions I attempted. After completing all of the chapters in the book, I would once again go over all of the Wiley questions, hoping still to get at least 80% of the questions right. I supplemented all of this by using the Wiley software to get some practice questions in at work. Down-time and lunch time are great ways to get in some additional much needed practice. That is the key; PRACTICE!”  Matt M.

1. “Never quit. Never give up. I started sitting for this exam back in 2002. On and off the first few years. Then in May of 2002 I said I wasn’t giving up until I became a CPA.”  JoMarie C.

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