Your Learning Style and Why it Matters for the CPA Exam

It is a widely accepted fact that people learn differently. For Jenny, taking notes as she reads may be her key to passing the CPA Exam. However, if Daniel uses that technique to study, he might miss the 75 passing score by just a point or two. Daniel is much more successful when absorbing the information via engaging lectures and then creating his own flashcards afterwards. Point being, there is no one correct way to study and learn, but by approaching the material in an engaging manner, CPA candidates are more likely to master the CPA Exam content.

Learning happens when you see the content, you hear it being explained, you read bout it, and you write and work through problems. You may find that you learn the material better when you go through all of these steps, or maybe you just need to repeat one of the four steps to understand. According to the creators of VARK, a guide to learning styles, people have 4 different learning preferences: Visual (I see), Audio (I hear), Reading & Writing I read and write, or Kinesthetics I touch. Each of these preferences encourages the learner to engage in the material, rather than memorizing.

As industry experts, weve taken a similar approach by applying all of these learning preferences to the Roger Method, allowing every kind of learner the opportunity to engage with the material in a manner that benefits them.  Within the course, all study tools work hand-in-hand, creating a learning experience in which students absorb the information and apply their knowledge every step of the way.  Lectures are engaging, bite-sized and delivered side-by-side with the e-textbooks.  Within that same portal, students can take notes on the information and insert live video bookmarks.  The instructor will then go over actual CPA Exam questions related to the topic, and finally the students can continue practicing questions related to that topic with their review software.  In just one study session, they have hit every step of the VARK process!

Time is precious, and its up to you how you spend each minute. If you know you learn a certain way, then make sure you have the right tools to succeed. Because the material is already difficult, you should learn the CPA Exam material in a manner that is conducive to your learning style. Take some time to find how you learn best- itll be worth it!

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