Meeting and Working with CPA Recruiters

You’ve passed the CPA Exam and now you’re ready to land your dream job. Find out how to work with accounting recruiters to secure the best employment.
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Qualifying for a job as a CPA and securing a job as a CPA are very different things. While a high-test score and a pristine GPA can help you qualify for a job, it’s your ability to meet and work with CPA recruiters that will help you secure the job. UWorld Roger CPA Review provides a quick guide to making a lasting impression on CPA recruiters.

Tips for Working with Recruiters


Preparation is the first step to a successful recruiting event. If you’ve never attended a recruiting event, seek out someone who has. They can give you advice, so you can avoid any missteps or misunderstandings. Most events will have a list of firms that are attending the event. It’s unlikely you’ll meet with every firm, so note which firms interest you the most. Beyond your preferred firms, it’s wise to pick a few outside of your comfort zone. You never know which companies and recruiters you’ll connect with the most. Once you’ve zeroed in on a few firms, look into their background. While you don’t need to memorize their website, you’ll want to know general information like what type of accounting or clients they specialize in.

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Look the Part

Dressing for success is a fine line in these types of professional settings. When it comes to recruiting event attire, we recommend blending in. That doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your personality, but a conservative approach is the best strategy when making a first impression. Your clothing should be a source of confidence, but not a distraction. If you’re unsure about what to wear, don’t hesitate to ask a classmate, roommate, or family member.

Act the Part

You’ve done your research. You’ve picked a professional outfit. Now it’s time to showcase who you are to the recruiters. This is perhaps the most important part of any recruiting event. So how do you put your best foot forward?

First, you want to show poise and confidence. Eye contact and a firm handshake are reliable first indicators to the recruiter that your communication skills are polished and mature.

Second, a handshake and introduction are nice, but starting the conversation is even better. You want to show the recruiter that you’re interested as well as someone who would fit in at their firm.

Finally, don’t forget to listen. A conversation is a two-way interaction, and failure to listen is not only impolite, it limits your opportunities to advance the conversation.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you have the opportunity, attend as many recruiting events as possible. As you gain experience, you’ll be better able to navigate the event itself. From understanding the best times to approach a recruiter to knowing when you’re wasting your time, the logistics of an event are an important factor. You’ll also find that as you attend more events, you become more at ease with recruiters. This will help you show companies your personality, competence, and professional demeanor. Most importantly, you’ll start to build rapport over time as you come to recognize the same recruiters at each event. This helps the recruiters get to know you and gives you direct access to the right people – something that might not be available outside of recruiting events.

Final Thoughts

Remember that these events are just as important to the accounting firms as they are for you. With the right preparation and practice, you can show that you’re the one they need. Good luck!

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