Best CPA Review Course
CPA Review Updated for July 2021 Exam Changes

Best CPA Course Package

4-Section CPA Review, Unlimited Access
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Our Best CPA Course Includes:

  • High-Quality MCQs and TBSs mapped to the AICPA Blueprints
  • Unlimited Full-Length Practice CPA Exams
  • 4-Part Cram Course
  • Industry's Most Engaging Lectures
  • SmartPath Predictive Technology™
  • Digital Flashcards with Spaced Repetition Technology
  • Curated "Expert Deck" Flashcards
  • Fully-Featured Mobile App
  • Personalized Study Planners
  • CPA Course eTextbooks + Printed Textbooks
    Updated for July 2021 CPA Exam Blueprints Changes!

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See What's Unique about our
CPA Exam Review Courses
See What's Unique about our
Best Exam Review Course
See What's Unique about our
AUD Exam Review Courses
See What's Unique about our
BEC Exam Review Courses
See What's Unique about our
FAR Exam Review Courses
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REG Exam Review Courses
See What's Unique about our
CPA Exam Review Courses
See What's Unique about our
CPA Exam Review Courses

UWorld Roger CPA Review offers the only CPA courses that include the highest-quality CPA Exam questions and answers, the profession’s most engaging and effective lectures, and signature time-saving technology—all proven with a 91% CPA Exam pass rate. Learn why UWorld Roger CPA Review students consistently rate us 5 out of 5. 

Award-Winning Leader in Education Technology

Explore the Features Included in your Course Explore the Features Included our Best CPA Course Explore the Features Included in your AUD Review Course Explore the Features Included in your BEC Review Course Explore the Features Included in your FAR Review Course Explore the Features Included in your REG Review Course Explore the Features Included in our CPA Courses Explore the Features Included in your Premier Course

MCQs and TBSs

Only the questions you need to pass the CPA Exam! Each question includes clear, concise answer explanations to show why an answer is correct or incorrect. MCQs and TBSs mirror the CPA Exam interface and are mapped to the AICPA blueprints.

Engaging and
Effective Lectures

The motivation you need to pass your CPA Exam from the industry’s leading instructor, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA — drawing on innovative teaching methodologies for increased comprehension and retention.

Predictive Technology™

A data-driven platform that provides targeted recommendations on how to focus your studies by comparing your progress and performance to those of previous students that have passed the CPA Exam.

Mobile App

Available for Android, Apple, and Amazon devices, the mobile app allows you to maximize your CPA Exam study time with convenient on-the-go access to all of your course materials.

Study Planners

Research shows that if you have a plan, and stick to it, you are more likely to succeed. It is for this reason we provide 3, 6, 9, and 12 month planners to meet your individual needs.

Flexible Course
Access Time

Course packages include a base duration time that will not begin until you are ready to activate. Need more time? Extend your course for as low as $39 per month. 

Full-Length Practice Exams, Mapped to Exam Blueprints

The AICPA Blueprints are the framework of the CPA Exam and thus the foundation of the UWorld Roger CPA Review course. Mapped to the Blueprints, students can create unlimited, full-length practice exams to ensure they’re ready on exam day.

Digital Flashcards with Spaced Repetition Technology

Master top CPA Exam topics with customizable Digital Flashcards. Easily create your own cards by transferring content—such as keywords, diagrams, charts or mnemonics—directly from your course interface. Review with spaced repetition, an evidence-based learning technique that will help you study smarter and retain more information.

Printed 2021
Course Textbooks

Focus on exactly what you need to know to pass the CPA Exam—no more, no less. eTextbooks are delivered side-by-side with the video lectures and provide helpful features such as easy search, highlighting and note-taking. 

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Our Best CPA Course 

Exclusive Elite-Unlimited Features

The Elite-Unlimited course is our most comprehensive package—leaving nothing to chance when preparing for the CPA Exam. Come to exam day armed and ready with everything you need to pass, including exclusive features that are only available in this package. Plus, you’ll have UNLIMITED continuing access until you pass!  

UWorld Roger AUD Crash Course

4-Part CPA Review
Cram Course

A condensed and intensive review that is designed to reinforce heavily tested exam topics and boost your score up to ten points

CPA Review Testbooks

Section Printed

Include the same succinct and streamlined content as eTextbooks, perfect for kinesthetic learners who prefer a physical textbook

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"Expert Deck"
Digital Flashcards

This deck covers hundreds of terms, mnemonics, and summaries curated from our team of experts, giving you a great head start on your studying.

And don’t forget unlimited course access!

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Elite-Unlimited CPA Review Course FAQs

We update our materials frequently to ensure that our students are studying for the most current information on the Exam. From our lectures to our practice questions, we strive to ensure that students have access to the most up to date content.
Your course duration time begins when the course is activated from within the student account, and not at the time of setup/purchase. 
This course can be extended by purchasing a renewal from within the student account in increments of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Renewals are effective from the existing expiration date, not from the date of purchase, and cannot be deferred to start at a later date/time. Extensions must be added before the termination of course access, and cannot be purchased after your course has expired.
Yes! Download our Fully-Featured Mobile App to sync your studies across all supported devices with convenient, on-the-go access. Within the app, you can practice Multiple Choice Questions and Task-based Simulations, study your lectures and eTextbooks, track your performance in each CPA Exam section, and more! Available for Apple, Android and Amazon devices.
Absolutely! SmartPath is a core part of our study process, making it a key feature for all course packages.

You are free to watch your lectures as often as you would like for the duration of your course, so go ahead and play them a second (or third) time.

Access Until You Pass code

Access Until You Pass

The Elite-Unlimited course provides UNLIMITED continuing access to your course materials until you pass the CPA Exam! How does it work? Upon activating your course, you will have an initial 36 months of access. You can then renew your subscription as many times as you need to pass your exams—for FREE. Simply click the “renew” option in your student account and you can continue studying your high-quality course materials without losing any of your data and course progress.

Have more questions about our products?   Check out our FAQs