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Today’s accounting firms are facing a new type of business environment that is rapidly evolving. Due to newer accounting technologies more recently focused on big data, data continues to drive the business world as accounting firms must quickly align with market demand to incorporate data analytics for accounting into their own business models. This shift in accounting technology requires new accountants to also have stronger analytical skills in order to remain competitive in the accounting job market.

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Accounting Data Analytics Trends

Data analytics is impacting the role of CPAs and accounting firms partially due to evolving technologies guiding many business decisions. Click the links below to browse our available resources on this trending topic.

A CPA’s Thoughts on Data Analytics

Change is hard and resistance to it is intrinsic. We would rather have things remain as they are, especially if we currently enjoy relative success with the status quo.  That is the conundrum for accountants who are already in the profession. We recognize the need to learn and incorporate data analytics into our processes, but are sometimes leery

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2018 CPA Content Updates

The new year will be here before you know it, and our team has been hard at work ensuring our 2018 course materials address the new updates provided to us by the AICPA.  These updates will address two types of changes: Alterations to the representative tasks laid out in the AICPA Blueprints and; Content updates resulting from

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