CPA Questions & Answers

What is the best way to switch to an accounting career?

If you have not graduated yet and wish to switch majors, then visit an academic advisor at your university to help guide you in your decision. Explain your situation to your academic advisor so that you’ll be able to transfer the most credits possible to your new major. The switch may extend your time in school, but may also help you obtain the 150-hour credit requirement.

If you wish to switch to accounting as a second career, then consider getting a Master’s in Accounting. Having a strong foundation in accounting is crucial. Obtaining your CPA will catapult you into an accounting career; however, you can begin your accounting career without it. Switching gears in careers and industry can be a big and intimidating step, but remember that you have plenty of great transferable skills from your past career that you can use to help you in your new one.

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