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How SmartPath Works

How SmartPath Predictive Technology™ Works

94% Pass the CPA Exam
with our patent-pending SmartPath Predictive Technology™

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Data Reveals the Path to Success

Read on for a deep dive into how our patent pending SmartPath Predictive Technology™ works and the data findings that fueled the development of this brand-new platform.

How Our System Works

Predictive Technology Definition

SmartPath uses predictive technology– a body of tools that analyzes patterns in data so that past behavior can be used to forecast likely future behavior. Using this proven methodology, we mined the proprietary data within our course to study our students’ behaviors and came back with diamonds!​

Predictive Analytics

Within our predictive analysis, we discovered that there are specific behavioral trends of students who have passed the CPA Exam. These findings reveal a criterion for success, that if emulated, are expected to increase the likelihood of future students successfully passing the CPA Exam.


The study revealed that there is a threshold number of questions that students need to be exposed to, and a certain level of performance achieved on those questions to increase their likelihood of passing.

It was also determined that there is a point in which students can demonstrate sufficient readiness to take the Exam, and any extra effort will lead to diminishing returns. This combats the misguided perception that attempting exhaustive practice question sessions is necessary to pass. SmartPath reveals to students when they’ve demonstrated the level of competency necessary to pass, ultimately helping them achieve optimum efficiency in their CPA Exam preparation.

Data-Supported Targets

The predictive analysis discussed above is what led to the creation of our SmartPath Preditive Technology. We applied the data gained from our analysis of the Number of Attempted Questions and Score on Attempted Questions by our successful students and used these findings to set a series of targets within the platform. As current students work to reach or surpass these targets, they have the advantage of knowing when they’ve reached the same level of readiness to take the exam that previous, successful students have demonstrated.​

Data Retrieval Schedule

To ensure students are comparing their progress and performance to the most relevant data, we reassess targets in tandem with the CPA Exam Score Release Schedule. With each release, our students are activated to input the scores they achieved on the exam, which helps ensure we are providing recommendations based on the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Predictive Targets

As we’ve established, SmartPath provides two targets for students to aim for while completing their practice questions within each section of the course: (1) number of question attempts, (2) score on questions attempted. The platform provides tools to help students track their progress in reaching each goal.

Figure D shows a snapshot of SmartPath from within a real student’s Auditing and Attestation (AUD) course. This Analysis by Section demonstrates some of the different states a student can be in while working towards their targets.

Does SmartPath Work?

Yes! We are continuously watching our students' performance. The data shows that students who meet all set SmartPath targets have an overall pass rate of 94%. Here is how that breaks down per CPA Exam section:

Exam Part Pass Rate of Roger Students
AUD 90.1%
BEC 89.1%
FAR 92.0%
REG 94.0%

Don't Just Listen to Us

Hear what real students are saying about SmartPath

“Previously, I had worked through every question to make sure I was getting the coverage I needed. But SmartPath makes it more efficient. It was definitely correct in cutting me off early and telling me I was prepared.” Read More
— Philip Cook
“SmartPath made a huge difference in my study efficiency… Going into the second exam, I felt much more confident and I knew that I knew the materials very well. When I left, I felt like I had passed.” Read More
— Alison W.
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