UWorld Roger vs Surgent CPA Review Course

Many candidates have inquired about the advantages of UWorld Roger vs. Surgent CPA Review. This is a key question because choosing the best CPA review course is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make as you prepare your CPA Exam study plan. Continue reading for an in-depth CPA course comparison.

UWorld Roger vs Surgent CPA Outline and Course Overview

When evaluating CPA review course alternatives, there are a few things to keep in mind, including cost, learning styles, and the quality of study materials. Here is a detailed CPA review course comparison of Surgent vs. Roger CPA review.

What you need from a high-quality CPA review program:

Surgent CPA Review

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High-Quality CPA Exam Practice Questions

Expert team of accounting educators and CPAs provide in-depth explanations to real AICPA CPA Exam questions.

Exceptional Instruction

Dynamic teaching from the most energetic instructor in the industry.

Succinct Textbooks

Textbooks are condensed to provide you with only what you need to pass, nothing more and nothing less.

Smart Learning Technology

Pass the CPA Exam faster with our predictive technology based on the performance of successful students.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Effortlessly organize your notes and create digital flashcards using My Notebook.

Mobile App

Make the most of your study time by answering MCQs or reviewing flashcards on-the-go.

Superior Support

CPA Exam Coaches are dedicated to helping you pass the CPA Exam on your first attempt.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

Flexible pricing to help you achieve your goal.

Proven Results

Our 94% pass rate is unsurpassed in the industry.

UWorld Roger vs Surgent CPA Free Trials

Every student has a different learning style, so what works for one may not work for the other. Therefore, it's critical to compare the free trials of both the Surgent and Roger CPA review courses. Once you've started your free trial, be sure to evaluate the course’s features — lectures, digital textbooks, questions and answers, and learning tools. We recommend choosing a particular CPA Exam topic and creating a mini lesson for yourself to evaluate the course.

The UWorld Roger CPA Review free trial gives you a chance to try our program risk-free for seven days without having to use a credit card. During your trial, be sure to create at least one sample test so you can review our well-written answer explanations. We separate ourselves from the competition thanks to our superior course materials. The progress you made during your free trial will be carried over when you decide to sign up for our full package. Discover why 94% of our students pass the CPA Exam!

Want to pass the CPA Exam on the first try?
See how Roger’s energy + UWorld’s revolutionary Qbank will help you pass the first time.

UWorld Roger vs Surgent CPA Practice Questions

We know that working through a large number of high-quality practice multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations is crucial to passing the CPA Exam. Not all practice questions, however, contain detailed answer explanations. When choosing a CPA study course, keep in mind that when it comes to properly preparing for the CPA Exam, quality far exceeds quantity.

There are an overwhelming number of questions in the Surgent CPA Review course. The questions themselves contain redundancies, and the answer explanations are both unclear and lacking in content.

With UWorld Roger CPA Review, we encourage you to create a personalized practice test and select "Tutor Mode.” After you've answered each question, you'll be able to see our in-depth answer explanations. You'll notice right away with the UWorld Roger CPA Review program that our team of experts has put their hearts and souls into creating the highest quality questions and answers that are aligned with the actual CPA Exam. All questions include thorough yet concise answer explanations that include instructional graphics, a breakdown of why each answer option is correct or incorrect, and a "Things to Remember" summary of important takeaways.

UWorld Roger vs Surgent CPA Video Lectures Comparison

The most effective online instructors expertly engage students in the learning process, resulting in greater comprehension and retention. Roger Phillip, CPA, CGMA, is one of those rare teachers who can truly connect with CPA candidates with his energy, relevant mnemonics, and signature technique of bringing topics to life.

In contrast, Surgent’s lectures are not known for being very helpful. Most students either ignore the lectures altogether, focusing solely on MCQs, or find them to be too boring and time-consuming. "I thought they were way too long and drawn out," said one Surgent student. Lectures are a key part of the study process when you need to drill down on a particular topic. Ineffective lectures waste your valuable study time.

UWorld Roger vs Surgent CPA Textbooks Comparison

While Surgent's textbooks cover the basic materials you’ll need to know, UWorld’s comprehensive textbooks are well regarded by today’s CPA candidates for their excellent balance of detail and conciseness. The textbooks align with the AICPA blueprints and provide an efficient learning experience, as they work cohesively with our video lectures and question banks. Available in digital form as well, the textbooks can accommodate on-the-go studying!

UWorld Roger vs Surgent Technology

At UWorld, we prioritize cutting-edge, online learning technology with a growing team of 100+ top-talented software engineers. We know that the way students learn has evolved, and we’re committed to providing meaningful study experiences for as long as needs change.

UWorld Roger CPA Review's SmartPath Predictive Technology™ was developed in-house and is based on exam trends and pass rates gathered from real students. SmartPath guides you to focus your study efforts where it matters most, making for an efficient learning experience. Using this technology, you are directed to finish a particular number of questions based on the CPA Exam topic weightage. For example, if a topic is infrequently tested on the exam, Smartpath will propose that you complete fewer questions to save time. Conversely, if a topic is highly tested, Smartpath will propose that you complete more questions. This balance helps you understand the material more quickly and effectively.

Smartpath technology is constantly updated to ensure the best results for our students. Every time the exam topics change, we adapt our data-driven targets. If you meet SmartPath goals, you have a greater than 90% chance of passing the CPA Exam.

Surgent uses A.S.A.P. Technology, which features an assessment phase that creates an individualized study path for each user. Customers have noticed problems with the initial assessment stating that their “study hours exceed that estimate” and do not include time spent reviewing lectures, videos, and textbooks. This misleads customers and doesn’t help them accurately plan out their study time, leading to failure on exam day. On the other hand, A.S.A.P. technology qualifies as adaptive learning, which modifies teaching tactics as needed based upon the end-user and doesn’t use the results of successful students to inform decisions.

UWorld Roger vs Surgent Learning Tools & Study Materials

Learning tools are an integral part of any study program. The effective use of digital learning tools can increase student engagement, improve comprehension and retention, and ultimately increase pass rates.

Digital Flashcards

Pre-filled digital flashcards are included in both the UWorld and Surgent courses. With Surgent, you are required to review your flashcards passively, which is not the most effective way to study. With UWorld, you also have the option to create customized flashcards directly from the course platform, whether you're studying through lectures, text, or MCQs and TBSs. With a single click, you can create flashcards directly from the answer explanations. Creating your own flashcards promotes learning and retention. In Study Mode, the cards can also be displayed at carefully controlled intervals using spaced-repetition technology to improve recall on exam day.

best cpa review flashcards

Digital Notes - My NoteBook

With UWorld’s “My Notebook” feature, you can create a customizable electronic notebook full of high-yield information you can review at any time. “My Notebook” allows you to quickly and easily add or delete new note pages from within the test interface, then personalize it (e.g., bolding, highlighting, bullet points) to make them your own. You can then go back to reviewing your customized notebook during your dedicated CPA Exam study session.

On the other hand, Surgent requires you to take notes by hand. Writing as you go takes a lot of extra time and doesn’t organize the notes in an orderly fashion. With “My Notebook”, you won’t waste study time and will find it much easier to review your notes from previous days.

Study Planner

The key to passing the CPA Exam is having a sound study strategy and adhering to it. As a result, both UWorld Roger CPA Review and Surgent provide CPA review study planners. You can choose from our 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month study planners as a UWorld Roger CPA review student, all of which can be personalized and adjusted to match your specific study needs. Your UWorld Roger CPA review study plan will spell out your daily tasks so you can make the most of your time. It's critical to stick to your study schedule, and if you skip a day, make it up!

UWorld Roger vs Surgent Mobile App

While both UWorld and Surgent CPA Review courses include mobile apps, there are some key differences. Here are some feature sets to consider when comparing CPA review course mobile apps:

  • Do the features available on the mobile app match those on the desktop version?
  • Does the mobile app sync with the desktop version of your course?
  • Is the mobile app updated regularly as iOS or Android versions change?

With UWorld Roger CPA Review’s Mobile App, you can maximize your CPA Exam study time with convenient on-the-go access to all of your course materials (MCQs and TBSs, video lectures, and practice tests) - available for Android, Apple, and Amazon devices. Your progress and performance sync across devices, so you won’t lose critical metrics.

Surgent’s Study Companion mobile app only allows for the review of flashcards. Lectures, questions, and practice tests are only available on a laptop or desktop computer. While mobile flashcards are a plus, the other course elements are critical for you to maximize your productivity.

UWorld Roger vs Surgent Customer Support

The CPA Exam is difficult, so it’s important for your review course to provide optimum support along the way. Surgent charges top-dollar for a “success coach” that customers say “only teaches you how to use the software.” At UWorld, we do whatever we can to help you achieve your goals, including outstanding customer care.

UWorld’s customer support includes:

  • Integrated support buttons that allow you to provide instant feedback on everything from questions regarding learning materials to study tips.
  • The Study Hub, which is available 24/7, provides access to thousands of student-submitted questions and answers from our CPA Exam specialists.
  • CPA Exam Success Coaches are available by phone to assist you with your CPA review study plan.

UWorld Roger vs Surgent Pricing and Course Options

In addition to the time it takes when preparing for the CPA Exam, it’s also a huge financial commitment. At UWorld, we offer multiple purchasing options to best fit your individual needs. Our Fresh Start program offers a significant discount to candidates who have invested more than $400 in another course and are struggling to pass. We also offer the ability to purchase our course packages with fixed monthly payments and no deferred interest or hidden fees. Lastly, we offer candidates a variety of enrollment opportunities through corporate and university collaborations. If we are not yet partnered with your employer, you can still bill your firm, and our representatives will work with them directly to reconcile payment.

Course Package Options

When comparing Surgent to UWorld Roger CPA review course packages, you'll notice that both offer a variety of package options. Surgent's most exciting features, however, are only available in their most expensive course option. All UWorld CPA Review course packages, on the other hand, provide everything you need to pass the CPA Exam. This includes the following:

  • Access to our whole library of high-quality practice questions with expert answers
  • 100+ hours of the most interesting and stimulating CPA review lectures
  • Our signature SmartPath Predictive Technology™
  • Customizable Digital Flashcards
  • Unlimited full-length practice exams
  • Personalized study planner
  • Fully-featured mobile app
  • And more!

Course Access and Expiration

At UWorld, we know that you face many stressors. Running out of CPA Review course access time shouldn’t be one of them! It’s for this reason we offer unlimited course access in our Elite-Unlimited course package. With this program, you will have an initial 36 months of access and then have the ability to renew as many times as you need–for FREE! Surgent’s offerings also include a course package with unlimited access.

UWorld Roger vs Surgent Results

Surgent advertises “the fastest way to CPA," but their formula leaves out the all-important studying time with lectures, flashcards, and videos.

UWorld has committed millions of dollars to the development and deployment of innovative technologies, teaching methodologies, and high-quality content to meet the needs of today’s learners. To help the next generation of accountants achieve their professional goals, we collaborate with the profession's best accounting firms, institutions, and professional organizations. What's the verdict? It works! 94% of our students pass the CPA Exam. Join the more than 2 million professionals in accounting, medicine, law, finance, and more who have used UWorld to prepare for high-stakes tests.

Want to pass the CPA Exam faster?
Study smarter, not harder with SmartPath Predictive Technology™.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

High-quality CPA review shouldn’t be expensive and inaccessible. That’s why UWorld Roger CPA offers many payment options and discounts to help you achieve your goal of becoming a CPA. Surgent’s retail price point may be slightly lower, but they don’t offer the same quality course materials and savings you can get from UWorld.

When comparing UWorld Roger vs. Surgent CPA review, the course material is the most important factor to consider. When comparing the answer explanations in the Surgent vs. Roger CPA review, this is especially noticeable in the practice questions. The solutions provided by UWorld are straightforward and succinct, allowing you to “learn by doing.” Surgent’s explanations, on the other hand, are poorly worded and difficult to understand.

Both UWorld Roger CPA Review and Surgent provide extensive CPA Review programs with a variety of learning resources. However, it’s the quality of the course materials, not the amount, that counts, making UWorld the top CPA review course choice. UWorld Roger CPA Review was created by a team of top accounting educators and practicing CPAs who are committed to offering a time-saving and effective learning experience that produces results.

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