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6 Ways to Increase Your CPA Exam Score


There is no magic formula to passing the CPA Exam, but there are a few ways that you can increase your Exam score by setting yourself up for success. Below are the 6 things we recommend doing to boost your score.

  1. Use all your senses when studying.
    The more senses you tap into while studying for the CPA Exam, the easier it will be to understand and retain material. See it, read it, listen to it, and say it aloud to fully grasp the information. Also, consider trying to “teach it” to someone. Think about it: teaching calls for complete understanding of the concepts. Teach more difficult accounting concepts to other CPA Candidates or to friends and family. You’ll be surprised at how much more you understand when explaining it to others.

  2. Maximize your study efforts and reach Exam goals quicker.
    Decide how quickly you want to pass the CPA Exam and then choose a CPA Review course that will successfully prepare you to pass the Exam in that amount of time. Roger CPA Review offers SmartPath Predictive Technology™ to provide students with targeted recommendations on where and how to focus their study efforts so they meet CPA Exam goals quicker. Instead of spending time working on sections of the CPA Exam that are easy, SmartPath provides the questions you need to know through guided and personalized study sessions. Exam progress can be tracked to targeted goals to easily gauge preparedness and instilling confidence on Exam day.

  3. Use mnemonics and memory aids.
    Mnemonics help with recalling larger chunks of information needed on Exam day. Create an outline with mnemonics listed on it for an easy, portable way to review larger concepts on-the-go. Carry the outline with you to review the last week before the CPA Exam and to keep important Exam topics and concepts fresh in your mind.

  4. Avoid last minute studying on Exam day.
    Although it might provide some psychological comfort to cram the last few minutes before you sit for the CPA Exam, it can also cause you to become more frantic and stressed. Anxiety and frenetic energy can negatively impact your performance on the Exam. Instead of cramming right before the Exam, take the time to arrive to the testing center early, relax, breathe, and start the Exam with a more peaceful state of mind.

  5. Use time strategies during the Exam.
    It’s important that you have a time strategy in place before sitting for the Exam. Many students misjudge the importance of time strategies and don’t realize the benefits of knowing where you need to be at the end of each testlet when taking the Exam. In reality, CPA Exam time strategy is an important issue and a key element to CPA Exam success.

  6. Use the testing center’s laminated note boards to brain dump when you walk into the Exam.
    Some students find it useful to immediately sketch out complex concepts onto the Prometric Center’s approved note boards immediately when the Exam begins. After logging into the Exam, take a few minutes to write out all of the mnemonics and formulas you can remember so that you can easily refer back to them during the Exam. This will help ease some of the anxiety of forgetting things so that you can breathe a little easier and start working through the Exam.

Studying for and passing the CPA Exam is not an easy feat, but with the proper preparation and mind set, you can pass the Exam and reach your CPA career goals quicker and easier.

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