CPA Exam Cost & CPA Exam Fees 2022

The decision to become a CPA is an excellent investment in your future. Understanding the CPA Exam costs and CPA Exam fees are critical to properly preparing. CPA Exam fees 2022 vary from state to state. Check our State Requirements page to find out your state’s specific CPA Exam fees and requirements or visit your State Board of Accountancy’s website.
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While the decision to become a CPA is a great one, we know that many candidates are also looking at a pricey Exam, which can be intimidating especially when they don’t have financial means immediately available. But not to worry. We’ll provide a breakdown of how much it costs to take the CPA Exam, what you can do to alleviate expenses, and why it’s all worth it. Keep in mind that fees vary from state to state. Check our State Requirements page to find out your state’s specific CPA Exam fees and requirements or visit your State Board of Accountancy’s website.

CPA Exam Costs

CPA Exam costs varies depending on your jurisdiction, but here we have compiled some estimated costs.

CPA Exam Fee 2022Related CPA Exam Cost 2022
Application Fees $30-200
Examination Fees $700-950
CPA Exam Retake Fee $50-200
CPA Review Course $1200-3600
One of the biggest unexpected expenses of the CPA Exam is retaking an exam and incurring CPA Exam retake fees. This is why selecting the right CPA Exam Review can be so important.

Example of Required 2022 CPA Exam Fees

CPA Exam Application Fee: $100.00

All first-time applicants are required to pay both an application fee and examination fee (which is listed below) when they submit their application to take the CPA Exam for the first time. Application fees can be anywhere from $30-$200, depending on the state.

CPA Exam Retake Fee: $50.00

For all re-examination candidates, instead of paying the application fee, they are required to pay both the reapplication and examination fee when they register to re-take any parts of the CPA Exam. This is sometimes also called the “registration fee.”

Some states will offer discounts on CPA Exam retake fees if the candidate is retaking 2 or more exams.

Reapplication Fees in Missouri
4 CPA Exam sections $124.00
3 CPA Exam sections $108.00
2 CPA Exam sections $92.00
1 CPA Exam sections $71.00
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We understand that it is challenging to find a test prep program that fits your needs. If you have purchased a previous program and are not satisfied with your results, we want to help! Check out our Fresh Start Discount to see how you can save on a new CPA Review.

CPA Examination Costs: $734.10

Most states use the CPA Exam fee schedule set by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). The total CPA Exam costs for all four parts of the CPA Exam are around $900. A breakdown of how much each part of the CPA test costs is below:

CPA Examination Fees Per Part (Vary by State)
AUD (Auditing & Attestation) $226+
BEC (Business Environment & Concepts) $226+
FAR (Financial Accounting & Reporting) $226+
REG (Regulation) $226+

CPA Exam Review Course: $1,500 - $2,000+

CPA Exam review courses cost an average $1,500-$2,000. A CPA Course provides everything you need to pass the CPA Exam, including a large bank of practice questions with thorough answer explanations, an experience that mirrors the real exam, engaging lectures, and data-driven study goals. A CPA Course should be rooted in the AICPA CPA Exam Blueprints, which is the framework for all the exam content, to ensure students are thoroughly prepared for success on the most up-to-date information. The CPA exam is one of the most difficult professional credential examinations, however, studying with a CPA Course statistically improves your chances of passing the CPA Exam. Not only that, but a CPA Course provides you with realistic practice exams that help you to prepare for the big day. UWorld Roger CPA Review offers a diverse group of tools to prepare you for the big exam day, including a full CPA Course, CPA books, and flashcards. Develop your study plan based on your exam schedule, as well as which of these resources you plan to use most. Be sure you pick the best CPA Course the first time, so you can pass on the first try.

CPA Exam Approximate Total Cost: $2,550

Now is the time to invest in your future! The CPA designation is one of the most widely recognized titles in the world. And with good reason! CPAs make $1,000,000 more over the lifetime of their career than non-CPAs, so treat the CPA Exam costs as an investment in yourself. 

No matter what your goals are for becoming a CPA, remember that with hard work and dedication, it’s possible to obtain this license!

CPA Exam Cost & Fees Q & A

CPA Exam Cost & Fees
Q & A

Many firms reimburse candidates after successfully passing each part or the entire CPA Exam. Whether or not your firm will pay for your CPA Review materials depends on the firm. UWorld Roger CPA Review proudly partners with hundreds of firms to provide candidates like you the best in CPA Exam preparation. 

Feeling overwhelmed about paying for the CPA Exam?

No need to let the total cost of the CPA Exam be intimidating. There are always options and several ways that candidates can alleviate their total CPA Exam related expenses. Also, with the ability to Study Now, Pay Later with Roger CPA Review, it’s now possible to buy all of your CPA Exam review products using fixed monthly payments. This allows you to focus on your studies without being overburdened with financial decisions. Finally, becoming a CPA is one the most rewarding decision you’ll make for yourself both personally and professionally, so keep things in perspective when it comes to CPA Exam costs. The price you pay now will be worth it in the long run.

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