How to Pass the CPA Exam as a Working Parent


Working in public accounting full-time while also raising a family can be quite overwhelming. Add studying for the CPA Exam into the mix and life might seem completely chaotic. The good news is that while studying for the CPA Exam, working full-time, and raising children isn’t easy, it’s possible. Below are 5 things you can do to help yourself successfully pass the CPA Exam while juggling a full-time career and family.

1. Have a plan and make it accessible to everyone.

As a working parent who is starting to study for the CPA Exam, having a study plan will be an integral part of your success. Given the sheer amount of content on the Exam, having a sense of direction will make your study sessions more productive. The key is to allocate your free time so that you’re mentally prepared every time you start your studies. Using a study planner is ideal because you can then decide how much time and effort you are able to put into studying for each part of the CPA Exam. Be sure to set realistic goals for every day of studying and then create a calendar that your support group can access. That way, everyone is aware of the hour and days that you need to set aside to study. There are numerous calendar and scheduling apps that are great resources for this type of planning.

2. Study when your children are asleep.

You always hear as a new parent to, “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” and now you can implement this saying into your CPA Exam studies. Study when you’re on-the-go, early in the morning, during lunch breaks, late in the evenings, and/or on weekends. You can integrate these study times into your planner (mentioned above) for optimal study time when you have the quietest space around you.Read more/less

3. Ask for help!

If you’re sitting for the CPA Exam, you’re obviously driven, but don’t try to do it all alone. Now is the time to lean on family and friends for support. Ensure that your family and close friends understand what passing the CPA Exam means to you long-term and the benefits it will provide to your overall career goals. Stress the importance of having a support system during this time, so that you can share the benefits with them once you pass. If you don’t have anyone close who can be there to help watch your children, consider hiring a sitter or paying for an extra hour for your kids to stay in daycare or an after-school program so you can use that time to study.

4. Prepare for Success.

Do everything possible to set yourself up for success at home. Freeze and prep meals on the weekend, so that you don’t have to cook during the hectic week. Hire a cleaning service if possible to clean your house, so you can focus on studies instead of the dishes. Ask family members or friends to step in to help take over some of your weekly tasks so you can use that time to study. And, use public transportation when possible so you can study during your commute to work.

5. Maximize your study efforts.

/After you decide how quickly you want to pass the CPA Exam, have mapped it out using a study planner and scheduler so others know your plans, you’ll want to really maximize the time you have to study. Roger CPA Review offers SmartPath Predictive Technology™ to provide students with targeted recommendations on where and how to focus their study efforts so they meet CPA Exam goals quicker and more efficiently. .

Instead of spending time working on sections of the CPA Exam that are easy, SmartPath provides the questions you need to know through guided and personalized study sessions. Your Exam progress can be tracked to targeted goals to easily gauge preparedness without wasting your time. Alison W. was able to successfully pass the CPA Exam as a working mother, using our predictive technology.

Bonus Tip: Finally, ensure you’re providing self-care when needed.

Eat well, get sleep when you can, and drink a lot of water while studying. Take breaks and get fresh air when possible. Remember, there are many working parents who pass the CPA Exam each testing window. This is a short and hectic time in your life that will yield great career rewards once accomplished.

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