Case Study – Alison W

SmartPath Predictive Technology™ Case Studies

Meet Alison. This is her story.

Name : Alison W.

Location : Nashville, Tennessee

Exam sections passed : AUD, BEC, REG, FAR

Education: BBA, Marketing- Belmont University
MBA, Accounting -University of Tampa

Work: CFO

Alison W., a CFO, a full-time mother, and a CPA Candidate, struggled to pass the REG section of the CPA Exam.

Her first attempt at the REG section was in December of 2017. Unfortunately, with a score of 69, she did not pass. She quickly got back on the horse, determined to pass on her next attempt. In March of 2018, Alison took REG again and came back back stronger with a passing score of 77. 

Read how out patent-pending SmartPath Predictive Technology™ made all the difference in her study approach, which she describes as the discerning tool that ultimately attributed to her success.

Alison's CPA Exam experience

Testing Attempts

Exam Part Testing Date Score
REG 12/02/2017 69
REG 03/07/2018 77

Lesson Learned — The Hard Way

About a week after Alison received the news that she had not passed the REG Exam section, Roger CPA Review launched its new SpartPath data to see how she had performed in relation to the students who had passed the REG.

“I was in the red on almost all[course sections]. It just was this eye opening experience that I really was not where I needed to be to sit and take that Exam”

How SmartPath technology helped Alison

Using SmartPath for the remainder of her CPA Exam journey

A Fresh Approach to Studying

When comparing her first attempt to the REG Exam to the second ,Alison reported that she had completely different experiences.

“I think I underappreciated how difficult it was going to be the first time I didn’t feel terrible going into it . But looking back, the whole week before I took the exam, I did nothing but go through the IPQ, and I wasn’t scoring very well. At the time , I was just like, ‘Well, it’d going to be fine .’ But when I was in the exam, I realized within the first thirty minutes that it was going very poorly. I knew walking out that there was a very slim chance that I had passed.”

Going into the second exam, I felt much more confident, and I knew that I knew the materials very well. When I left, I felt like I had passed.”
Alison passed the REG section of the exam with a 77 this time!

Moving Forward Faster

After finding success on the REG Exam with a refreshed study method, Alison feels armed and ready to take on the rest of the CPA Exam, and to do it more proficiently.
“SmartPath made a huge difference in my study efficiency. I was just able to focus on the right areas and focus in on questions. The plan now is with the remainder of the [exam parts], I think I should be able to move a lot faster”
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