Case Studies

SmartPath Predictive Technology™ Case Studies​

We analyzed how students used our patent-pending SmartPath Predictive Technology™
to pass the CPA Exam faster and more efficient than ever before.​
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“I highly recommend Roger CPA Review’s SmartPath. Being able to track your strengths and weaknesses compared to other successful CPA candidates add another level of resources that is advantageous to each student.”

Amanda Stajcar
Roger CPA Review student

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Case Studies

The data shows that students who use SmartPath have a 94% pass rate. But we wanted to take a deeper dive. So we interviewed and analyzed students who used this new platform to successfully study for and pass the CPA Exam. Read our case studies below to see why this new Predictive Technology is changing the way students learn.

PhilipCook- square
“Previously, I had worked through every question to make sure I was getting the coverage I needed. But SmartPath makes it more efficient. It was definitely correct in cutting me off early and telling me I was prepared.”
— Philip Cook
“SmartPath made a huge difference in my study efficiency… Going into the second exam, I felt much more confident and I knew that I knew the materials very well. When I left, I felt like I had passed.”
— Alison W.
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