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2011 Scoring Changes + Our Students Are Sharing The Great News!

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Scoring results–the waiting, constant reloading of browsers and inability to focus on anything else but your results. Yep–we here at Roger CPA Review know the feeling, believe us! As we are alongside our students every step of the CPA exam process, we are always here to answer any questions you may have (many of which, are scoring related!)

Our friends at the AICPA have just informed us with an official release regarding scoring that will take effect starting in 2011. Replacing the previous scoring system, beginning in 2011 scores for the first three windows will be released during the blackout month after each window, as follows:

WindowScores Released
Jan FebMarch
Apr MayJune
July AugSeptember

Why the change? (No, not to drive you insane!) The AICPA’s goal with these new scoring release dates are to ensure that scores are delivered more quickly and efficiently, instead of scattering scores across two waves as currently done. More information can be found here soon, in the Psychometrics section.

Off to some more scoring news–our office inboxes and voicemails are being FLOODED with great news from students who are passing/passed the CPA exam with Roger CPA Review! Here is just a snippet of what we have been receiving this month (keep ’em coming, we love to hear the great news!!) Make sure to enroll now to get the 2011 course for the 2010 price!

“I took the USB course and just found out that I passed all of the exams on the first attempt within a 6 month period. Rogers energetic personality made the studying process like I was hanging out with my friend. He only covered relevant topics and the USB course was very flexible. This is the best CPA Review course on the market and I am very satisfied with Roger CPA Review. Thanks so much Roger!”

– Sophia M., Deloitte employee

“I just sat for my 4th section of the exam and have passed all other sections on the first attempt FAR(94), BEC(81), REG(93). I could never have done this without Roger. There isn’t a topic that was on my exams that wasn’t covered in either lecture, Roger’s book, or the homework book. The staff at Roger CPA Review is amazing too. I had a few homework questions and technical issues and everyone was so quick to offer assistance. In my opinion there is no better review course.”

– Alissa N, West Virginia University

“Your positive energy and helpful mnemonics helped me get through REG. I have no doubts that your teaching style will help me get through the next three parts!”

Anne G., Moss Adams LLP