The Best Way to Study the Week Before the CPA Exam

Taking the CPA Exam in the next week or two? Feeling anxious? Not sure how to best utilize the time you have left to study? In today’s blog article, Kerry discusses her study plans as she prepares to sit for the FAR exam within the next couple of weeks.

Where does the time go?! I’m only a couple of weeks away from the FAR exam.  When I started two months ago, it felt like there was this huge pile of material looming before me and an interminable amount of time until I would put the exam behind me. Now as I stare down the all-too-short of space between now and testing day it seems like there isn’t enough time left.

Looking at the calendar used to make me feel like it was never going to end and now looking at the calendar makes me feel like there’s a rush a rush to get through the last review sections, a rush to take practice tests over and over again and a rush to find all of those heavily tested topics and make sure I know them well.

Thankfully, Roger CPA Review offers a CRAM course. I have invested so much time and energy into studying for the CPA Exam, so I don’t want to take a chance that I might forget a key topic or skip over something in my final review.  To me all of the material looks important and when I crack open a review book, I always find something that I think I need to learn more about, but it may not be the best place to focus my efforts in the last couple of weeks before sitting for the exam.

The good news is that I’m on track with the course.  I will have one week after I finish the sections to just review the material. I think using Rogers MCQ mobile app to practice questions on-the-go and the CRAM course to really beef up on all the key areas is a wise and cost effective investment for me, especially when you consider the costs and time it takes to reapply for the authorization to reschedule the exam.

Three months is a long time to think about leases, derivatives and IFRS, so I want to make sure I’ve done all I can to pass the FAR exam the first (and only) time I sit for it.


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