Continuous Testing for U.S. CPA Exam


NASBA, AICPA, and Prometric Testing Center announced today that Continuous Testing for the CPA Exam will be available to CPA Candidates starting July 1, 2020. This comes as great news for the many CPA candidates who have been requesting continuous testing for quite some time. Furthermore, this update helps relieve the recent gap in testing due to the COVID-19 virus. This transition from testing windows to Continuous Testing exemplifies the positive results of State Boards of Accountancy, NASBA, AICPA, and Prometric aligning as they continue to work towards helping CPA Candidates fulfill their journeys to becoming CPAs.

According to NASBA, “Under the new Continuous Testing model, candidates will have the ability to take the Exam year-round, without restriction, other than waiting to receive scores from prior attempts of the same section or when there is a major change to the Exam. Continuous Testing will replace the existing CPA Exam Testing Window model, which only permits candidates to test during designated time frames each calendar quarter.”

All 55 U.S. Boards of Accountancy supported the move the CPA Exam to continuous testing because, “…it positions candidates to re-take sections while information is top of mind and may shorten the time needed to complete the four-section Exam.” NASBA will continue to work with the State Boards of Accountancy as a resource for helping with the transition in state legislation.

Stay tuned! There have been many updates lately in regards to testing, and we are dedicated to keeping you informed. However, if you have any specific questions about continuous testing, we recommend reaching out to NASBA directly.

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