How UWorld Roger CPA Review Is Preparing Your CPA Candidates for the CPA Exam Changes


As the pandemic continues to persist, firms have reorganized their business structures, set up remote operations, and created initiatives to support their employees amid the crisis. With many uncertainties about how long the pandemic will continue to affect the country, many firms are shifting focus to emerging stronger after the crisis; this includes empowering and supporting their staff to remain focused on career goals and longer-term priorities. 

Firm staff are also considering what life will look like after the pandemic, and for many, that includes passing the CPA Exam to obtain their CPA license. We are aware of the challenges that both accounting firms and their staff face when working towards getting fully credentialed as CPAs. We also know that CPA candidates facing the difficult, high-stakes CPA Exam during this time need extra support from family, friends, and their employers to successfully prepare and pass the exam.  

That’s why we have focused on creating great preparation materials so your staff can perform their best on exam day. Our CPA experts are passionate about creating an impactful learning experience that challenges, builds confidence, and ultimately helps candidates succeed on the exam and beyond in their career with your firm. 

Why partner with us to help your CPA candidates? 

  1. We put students first. We put our students at the heart of everything we do and are dedicated to providing them with learning outcomes that motivate, engage, and thoroughly prepare them to reach their goals.
  2. We have a 5-star program. Our CPA Review course has high-quality questions that mirror the actual CPA Exam. We also have the profession’s most dynamic lectures and innovative time-saving technology. And, our course is fully mobile. That’s why CPA candidates consistently rank us 5 out of 5.
  3. We are a trusted partner to accounting firms.  The nation’s top employers and professional organizations choose UWorld Roger CPA to ensure success for the next generation of CPAs. 
  4. We have a proven track record.  Our course works! 94% of our students pass the CPA Exam and we can help your staff pass, too. 

We collaborate with accounting firms worldwide to provide dedicated full-service CPA Exam preparation services for their staff. Based on the needs of your firm, we offer varying levels of partnership.  And, we can help improve your firm’s CPA Exam pass rates and prepare your new hires for successful careers.  Find out today how we can tailor a solution to fit your firm’s needs.

Prepare your Employees for Professional Success.

UWorld Roger CPA Review collaborates with accounting firms worldwide to provide dedicated full-service CPA Exam preparation services to your employees.
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