News From NASBA: Licensure, Website and Application Updates!

Once again, Roger CPA Reviews very own, Craig Cuthbert, CPA provides information on the latest and greatest opportunities for CPA Exam Candidates.Roger and I recently sat down with NASBAs Chief Relationship Officer, Alfonzo D. Alexander. Mr. Alexander filled us in on NASBAs recently updated website and new web services NASBA is bringing to the profession. He also revealed some exciting information for candidates applying for the CPA Exam within NASBA states.

NASBA has introduced two new websites to assist the CPA profession: the recently launched Accountancy Licensing Library -and- the to be released CPAverify. The Accountancy Licensing Library is now a one-stop shop for all questions regarding CPA licensure. From the requirements to sit for the exam, to the experience required to get certified, ALL can provide the details. CPAverify, which is still in development, is a new public service which will allow individuals to quickly investigate the licensing status of CPAs from all 55 states and jurisdictions. has also been revamped. NASBAs website is an excellent resource for information on all 55 state boards and jurisdictions. In addition, of the 55 boards, 32 have outsourced their exam application process to NASBA. Thus, candidates within these 32 states will apply for the exam through For the complete list of participating boards, please visit

Additionally, we learned that the time it takes for an application to be processed through NASBA has been significantly reduced. It now takes NASBA just 5 days to process candidate applications. This is down from a processing time of 6-8 weeks. Note: This 5 day process only applies to candidates applying through the 32 NASBA states. Processing time will vary for candidates applying within the 23 boards that do not use NASBA services for application processing.

~ Craig Cuthbert, CPA

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