A Speedier CPA Exam Process

In the beginning of the month, we wrote a blog about the New Score Release Timeline released by the AICPA, streamlining the formerly nagging process.

This streamlining is also making its way into other aspects of the CPA Exam process: The 32 NASBA states have also rapidly accelerated their timeline for determining a candidates eligibility. What used to take five to eight weeks of candidate agony can now be cranked out in five business days.

NASBA is diligently plugging away with the AICPA and Prometric to condense the testing timeline. Attributing the makeover to updates in their IT environments, NASBA claims that theyll continue to create further improvements in the future!

The continuing partnership between NASBA and the AICPA has greatly improved the scoring and release process this year, and we look forward to creating further efficiencies in the coming months and years. NASBA

This speedier timeline is super beneficial for candidates for two reasons. First, candidates can sit for the exam when they are most prepared, rather than waiting and losing some of that gusto. Secondly, if you dont pass you can find out sooner and reschedule your exam!

Well, thanks NASBA! That 18-month window feels a bit more attainable!

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