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Taking the CPA Exam under New Prometric Guidelines


If you haven’t already heard, Prometric testing centers are wide open and ready for CPA candidates. So, now is the time to sit for the CPA Exam to ensure you have the best choices for exam dates and times.

UWorld Roger CPA Review spoke to CPA candidate, Alisha Pierce, who has recently taken the exam under new COVID-19 guidelines. Alisha, a current Assistant Controller at Brumback Real Estate & Construction, sat for the REG exam and will be sitting for the AUD exam on the 23rd. Read more below to find out what Alisha had to say about her experiences sitting for the exam.

(In an update posted to Prometric’s website, most global testing centers have resumed testing at either full or limited capacity, depending on local and governmental mandates. In addition, all candidates and staff are required to wear a mask while in the testing center.)

UWorld Roger CPA Review: With these new changes in mind, were you nervous or hesitant at all about sitting for the exam?

Alisha: I was lucky enough to have already taken [an exam at a Prometric testing center] so I was already familiar with the testing center and the process. The only variable was the masks — which I know can be a hiccup for some folks. Wearing that mask for four hours straight can be inconvenient, but that wasn’t going to stop me from keeping to my schedule. Now that wearing a mask is more of a custom, and folks are more used to wearing masks, I think it’s less of a distraction. The only preventative measure that I personally took — I prefer glasses over contacts — was wearing contacts on test day so that my glasses wouldn’t fog up from my mask. 

UWorld Roger CPA Review: Can you walk me through what your experience was like sitting for the exam?

Alisha: The testing center in my town is rather small, with only 10 or 12 computer stations. When I went, there were only two other folks sitting. I did read that some testing centers weren’t allowed food or water breaks because they weren’t allowing students to use lockers. My testing center did allow locker use, and [the staff] sanitized the locker, lock, and key in between each student. So I was able to get a little water and get a quick snack before I went in to take part two [of the exam]. 

UWorld Roger CPA Review: Now that you’ve experienced taking the exam under Prometric’s new guidelines, would you say that now is a good time for candidates to sit the exam?

Alisha: Yes, I do think now is a good time [to sit for the exam]. I know that there’s a lot going on in the world. But I also think that there are a lot of things in our lives that do get in the way of our CPA process, whether that be family, work, or the current COVID situation. I would recommend [for others] to keep moving forward and stick to their schedule so they can achieve that CPA designation. 

UWorld Roger CPA Review: That’s a great recommendation! Do you have any additional advice for candidates who are thinking about sitting for the exam during these times?

Alisha: Yes! I did three practice exams before I went in for REG. I actually wore my mask during the practice exams just to get used to wearing it for extended periods of time. I did have a medical mask that [I practiced with] and a cloth mask that I had sewn, and I preferred the cloth mask. It was sewn to my face measurements so it was a lot more comfortable and I didn’t feel like it was too thick to where I couldn’t breathe — so that helped a lot.

UWorld Roger CPA Review: Great, thank you for sharing your experience! Best of luck as you tackle your AUD exam in the upcoming weeks.

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